Desired semesters of credit vs what I have?!

<p>I exceed all of the required semesters of classes (you know years of science, english, math, electives...) fairly well for the school I want to attend. However, some of the "desired" semesters I don't have, and I can't have. For example, they "desire" 10 semesters of English. Nobody in my entire school has doubled up any English classes, obviously I will only graduate with 4. Also they only require 4 semesters of foreign language, I have 6, but they "desire" 8. Instead of another year of that I chose to take more science classes instead. I will somehow have 13 semesters of science credits, will that count for something? I mean, because I don't have all of the "desired" amounts of semesters I can still get in right? </p>

<p>P.S- my GPA is well above the average admitted freshmans, and my test scores are also in the upper range at the school</p>