Did anyone just get a parking offer email?

<p>i got a parking offer email and i dont know if its due to my appeal or if its due to me being placed on the waitlist....... </p>

<p>i am being offered lot 32,36, weyburn terrace on a first come first serve basis, however, i have free parking at the helio building, i dont know which is better, or more convinient. ..</p>

<p>any suggestiong.</p>

<p>It's probably based on appeal, the waitlist isn't usually decided until the first week of October. </p>

<p>Lots 32 and 36 are North of Wilshire and the Helio building is South of Wilshire. The lots are closer to campus, but not by a whole lot. </p>

<p>Weyburn is significantly closer but is still a fairly long walk, so it might just be best to park at Helio and shuttle to campus.</p>

<p>wow, i dont know if i will even take it if they offer me lot 32/36. definitely takes the whole convenience factor out of having a car "on campus"....</p>

<p>True, but it's awesome for when you need to get something done in Westwood. </p>

<p>Although I guess with any permit you can park in 32/36 after 430, so maybe not. </p>

<p>"We are here at UCLA, where normally it takes four years to graduate, but five years if you park in Lot 32”</p>