Did math ruin my chances?

<p>We have this terrible math teacher at my high school that is notorious for failing students. The administration wants to fire her, but her contract is in the way. I had her two full years, and every night I was in tears because of the hw. I was a year ahead in math, so I took Calculus my junior year, got a B first sem. and then a C second sem. I got a C mainly because I was trying to graduate a year early so I was taking 7 classes instead of the allowed 6. Did she ruin any chance at all? I also got a B- from her my freshman yr first semester. This woman has ruined my LIFE! I applied to some really hard schools, what do I do?</p>

<p>Just sue her.</p>

<p>what schools did you apply to, and did everyone else in your class do bad as well?</p>

<p>where do you want to go???</p>

<p>Get your counselor to write a letter to your colleges. Actually, I have two teachers this year who are like that.</p>

<p>I feel for you. How are your scores in Math ?
If they are good, then there is no problem. If they are above average, your math grade would hurt you.
I think the best way, as ecnerwalc3321 proposed, ask your counselor to write a letter.
good luck my friend .</p>

<p>to answer what schools i applied to...
boston college
american u.
wheaton college
us naval academy</p>

<p>and yes....most people dropped the class after first semester. a lot of people failed</p>

<p>agreed with twitb. If you got a 4/5 on the AP Calc exam and high SAT I/SAT II scores in Math, there should be no problem, especially if all your other grades are fine and in the A range. That is, if this is an anomaly on your records, the colleges will be more likely to forgive it.</p>

<p>yeah, what are your other scores and such?</p>

<p>If you're obviously humanities oriented and all the other grades are As, a C and a B- won't kill your chances at most of your schools. Harvard and Columbia may be the exceptions.</p>