Different Situation

<p>I know I know, everyone hates chances thread. I actually have searched and haven’t seen anyone else in a similar situation so any feedback is appreciated. I’m just gauging whether or not Penn is even a reach for me at the moment. I’m looking at the college, NOT wharton, major in Poli.Sci.</p>

4.0 gpa (taking IB courses)
30 ACT
Participated in lots of EC’s (same as everyone else)- President of Amnesty, involved in musical, one act play, improv team, girls choir, handbells, varsity soccer, went on international exchange (one to Germany for several weeks), went on Bio field trip to Galapagos Islands/Ecuador. Also volunteered on the reelection campaign of a local MP (politician).</p>

<p>I was then accepted at Queen’s University in Canada (which is one of the top uni’s in Canada). I spent my first year abroad in the UK. When I returned to the Queen’s campus for my soph. year I left around Christmas as I was unhappy there. Since then I have been living and working in the UK. During this time I have taken several evening courses in fashion at respected university’s here (Central St. Martins and London College of Fashion). Also since highschool I have been a moderator at a online fashion forum that has 50,000+ members and is generally known in the fashion community.</p>

<p>My uni stats :
gpa is hard to determine. My average is about 75 which is about a B+ (An A is an average of 80 and above). I think this works out to be a 3.75 (as a 4.0 is considered to be 80 and above)
My major was Poli.Sci with a minor in German
Participated in Model UN
Participated in International Relations club</p>

<p>Any feedback/thoughts appreciated. TIA</p>

<p>i am a canadian who transferred to penn from a top canadian university, studying poli sci, and spent some time in germany studying abroad as well. although this is where the similarities end, i wanted to comment on your post because i agree that your case is unique.</p>

<p>a 75%/B+ average from Queen's will not get you in by a long shot unless you have a phenomenal profile characteristic that you didn't include already.</p>

<p>i know almost all of the canadian transfer students to upenn in the past 2-3 years (there's very few to begin with) and every one had averages in the 90s or at least the high high 80s depending on major and type of university they came from. this is the case for both the College and Wharton... the entering averages were similar for both, but higher for the College.</p>

<p>you should probably still try though, because maybe you can still make a strong case for yourself in your essays... i'm just saying that a 75% is def not something i've ever heard of in terms of canadian transfer averages from top canadian universities into the College.</p>

<p>yeah you went to Western correct? I thought about PMing you! Anyway, yeah I know my gpa is on the low side though I'm surprised at people getting high 90's....not that people don't work hard and that it can't be done but.....I don't know. It's hard to explain. I thought it was more than quite a reach to begin (considering the transfer admit. statistics are less than 10% I'm not really competitive) with so thanks for your hands on feedback.</p>

<p>i think more of them were low-90s (and a couple times, 88-89% averages) since a lot of them weren't science/math kids, where high-90s are actually possible.</p>

<p>I decided to email the penn advisor I met here at the presentation in London for more advice. Thanks for all your help Adriana!</p>

<p>no problem! best of luck. hope it all works out.</p>