disappointed and ashamed.. :( 2.68 my first semester at college

<p>is there no chance i'll get into med school now? or is there still hope?</p>

<p>What is average overall and cum GPA for accepted students?
The class of 2009 had an average cumulative GPA of 3.54 and an average science GPA of 3.49.</p>

<p>... so i have to get like a 3.6 in the end.. is this possible?</p>

<p>There is still a chance. It's only your first semester, so you have a LOT of room for improvement. Just stay on track for the rest of your college life, and bring your GPA up.
As for your other question, it is definately possible to bring your GPA up to a 3.6. Just work harder.

<p>I agree! It's definitely possible to improve your GPA, and just so you know, it's pretty common for pre-med students to struggle in their first semester with challenging science courses. It's not just you- I know many science majors who have low GPAs after this semester (I'm also a freshman who just finished my first semester). I have a friend who's on a pre-med track and she said that some students will retake first semester bio and other courses over the summer, etc. if they don't do well. Apparently this new grade can replace your old one, thus improving your GPA. I don't know if this is an option at your school, but you might want to look into it! Good luck :)</p>

<p>its not. i have to have a D in order to retake it! but thanks you guys. i'm going to keeeep trying!</p>

<p>Don't be ashamed. MANY students have a difficult first semester freshman year. Just take a deep breath, and put your effort into doing your best next semester. From my own experience, I can tell you my freshman year was a learning experience. I turned it around and graduated magna cum laude. </p>

<p>Don not beat yourself up over it. Move on and learn from it.</p>