Do colleges accept people with mental disabilities?

<p>Not that I have any myself but I was wondering because you can request to have more time on the ACT if you have a disability which I dont think is fair. Places like Walmart hire retarded security gaurds and I wonder why? People completly normal and far more capable of doing the job are always applying but they hire the retarded instead. Do colleges like to accept mentally retarded people as well.</p>

<p>Mentally retarded? Nope. What would be the point of going to college if you're retarded?</p>

<p>If you mean ADD or similar mental issues, then the answer is yes.</p>

<p>When a company hires someone who are mentally or physically impared it could be a combination of things. Usually there are tax credits available to employ the special needs people to help them be productive. Secondly, alot of people have "special" members in their families and the thought of excluding that "special" person is horrid. It can also be viewed as charitable community contributions.</p>

<p>what a stupid question</p>

<p>Most terrible thing I think I have ever read on CC. What's next - Hitler style ethnic cleansing? Seriously man get a better look on life, if your brother/sister was born mentally disabled would you say things like this?</p>

<p>"Not that I have any myself but I was wondering because you can request to have more time on the ACT if you have a disability which I dont think is fair."</p>

<p>You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Learning disabilities like ADD and dyslexia certainly merit extra time on the ACT. For your information, there is an official process involved in deciding who gets extra time. It is not arbitrary. You need to have a certified professional's statement to get the time.</p>

<p>Also, I really don't think it's your prerogative to decide whether or not someone is fit for a job. Ever hear of the adjective "overqualified"? Employers do not want to hire people who are overqualified--these people will get bored, demand more pay, etc. Walmart is not a people-friendly, community-friendly organization. It's a corporation known for mistreating employees. It may be hiring mentally retarded people to improve its image, but it's probably hiring these people because they're especially eager and at a perfect level for the job. Working at Walmart isn't rocket science. If someone can do the job and won't complain, Walmart will hire them. Please don't make inconsiderate statements about affirmative action for the retarded.</p>

<p>This is really an absurd thread. Competing with the retarded You clearly need to get some more self-confidence and stop blaming others for your inadequacies and labeling people with mental disabilities and learning disabilities. (By the way, learning-disabled and mentally disabled are not the same thing. Mentally challenged people do not get extra time on the ACT. Those with learning disabilities do. Get it right.)</p>

<p>^^^ Indeed. Perfectly explained. I dont have a mental disability. I have some learning disabilities. Totally different. But really, thanks for pretty much spelling out that anyone who has extra time is "retarded."</p>

<p>wow this is a sad thread.....doesnt even merit a reply but well said MallomarCookie</p>