Do colleges like to see an interest in music?

<p>I have the opportunity to take a music class next year for my senior year and I am wondering if I should do it.</p>

<p>Colleges like to see you pursue your interests, so if it's music, go for it. If it's art, or choir, or rugby, or underwater basket-weaving, do what interests you.</p>

<p>But it doesnt interest me; Im only trying to strengthen my application</p>

<p>Well in that case, have you taken music before, or will this be your first time? If it's your first time, it's not going to have an significant impact on your app (unless you're some sort of prodigy who goes on to win major awards)</p>

<p>this would be my second time. I got a C in the class the first time so maybe 2 As for my senior year will show improvement.</p>