Do colleges REALLY see your senior year grades?

i was looking at the common app, and on the midyear report it says for the counselor to send it in at the end of the trimester/semester. but if im applying early somewhere, will they even get this form before they accept/reject me if my semester ends after december? whats the point of this form if youre applying ED? so will senior grades not affect ED/EA applicants?

<p>Usually for ED/EA they will see your first quarter grades, and then even if they accept you they will want to see your semester grades. They don't really do much with those unless you did really badly.</p>

<p>whats really bad? if your GPA is a 3.8uw, what would qualify as "really bad?" like a 3.0?</p>

<p>like if you get a C or below.</p>

<p>To answer your question, yes they really do look at your mid-year transcript.</p>

<p>If you get B's, no big deal. Get more than a couple C's (or anything below) and you might be facing a possible chance of losing your acceptance. It happened to a friend of mine-- don't let it happen to you! Petitioning for readmittance is humiliating.</p>

<p>Dude: Once your in, your in.</p>

<p>General rule of thumb: don't let your grades drop more than a letter, just to be safe. Serious slacking can be done within that letter though :)</p>

<p>"Dude: Once your in, your in."</p>

<p>Not true!! All acceptances are conditional, based on your continued academic progress. B's won't kill you. Depending on the school, a couple of C's could lose you your acceptance (even ED). D's and F's are a killer! Keep those grades up.</p>

<p>Joev - what are you talking about?</p>

<p>Do not, do not, do NOT, screw up your senior year grades (which isn't to say you have to work your butt off, just do enough to ensure decent grades). In case you don't know, every acceptance letter contains a little comment somewhere that admission is contingent upon finishing school at the same level at which you presented yourself to the admissions committee. Colleges are not afraid to unaccept anyone. I know people who have been unaccepted, and one kid who was actually forced to start school in January because the college unaccepted him for low grades and the only way they would let him in was if he were to go to a CC for half a year (not that there's anything wrong with a CC, but his parents got so mad, they refused to pay for his first year of school). Think about it - I don't know which schools you are considering, but by May they will all have huge wait lists filled with kids who flood the admissions offices with their accomplishments. It's not very hard for a college to find someone motivated to replace an admitted student that they think has dropped off in their level of work.</p>

<p>Joev is wrong. Once you're in, you can be out. The colleges not only look at midyear grades, but FINAL grades. A colleague's son was denied his Ivy admission because he failed a course (this was at the and of the year. At the midterm he had a C in the course). I have seen this happen several times (I am a former Ivy interviewer). Often colleges write and ask you to explain any D's, and you'd better have a darn good
explanation! D's F's, as ellemenope says, are a killer.</p>

<p>Each college will get a copy of your final H.S. transcript as proof that you have graduated H.S. any major grade changes from grades the grades which you have been admitted can and will be cause to rescind your application.</p>

<p>D had 2 friends in H.S. who were admitted and messed up 4th quarter. Were having such a great senior year that they are now seniors again (lost evrything)</p>

<p>Another issue is the prevelance of wait-listing. I would imagine that getting in off a wait-list would be a lot more feasible with strong grades through-out the senior year.</p>

<p>Yeah, I am keeping up my grades out of extreme fear. I am not working as hard as usual(getting lots of B's vs. the regular straight A's), but I still am doing my work and not making C's. Remember that schools can defer you to the RD round, and it is not worth messing up your chances by slacking off.</p>

<p>And there especially important if your a borderline canidate, they've got their accept and reject piles, and your grades can decide which pile you go into</p>

<p>ummm most ed/ea do not see ur first quarter grades lol unless they really relaly want to call ur school which has never happened at my school.</p>

<p>Really? My school sends all of our first quarter grades for ED/EA. When they don't, they have a "conversation" about why they didn't with the college.</p>

<p>For ED/EA, most colleges don't get your senior year grades before making a decision, but they can rescind acceptances(which would be nice in April of your senior year). Also, you can always be deferred(they will see first semester grades) or waitlisted(see everything).</p>

<p>For rd, semester grades are VERY important, for ea/ed, your school may/may not send 1st quarter grades, but you can be rescinded for a bad midyear report (C's and below).</p>

<p>While applying ED, the school may not see your first semester grades they probably will get the grades for your first quarter/ marking period. Unless you have a really stellar transcript, you will most likely be deferred to the RD round so they can have more information from which to evaluate you</p>