Do colleges see improvement yearly?

<p>Hello, I estimate to have about a 3.75 uw academic gpa end of hs, but that's because I had a few b's in eighth grade and freshman year. My grade end of FR year was 90.5 My sophomore year grade was 94.8 And my JR year grade so far is 97 but I am in the FULL IB PROGRAM. 2250 SAT and good EC's. </p>

<p>What are some good colleges I can get into? I want to go into film, so should I go to a cheap state school first then apply to a rigorus film school?</p>

<p>Second, I improved greatly during SO year. I had an 88 average 1st quarter, and 92 second, but a 98 the 3rd and 4th. Is there anyway I can let colleges know this happened? For example, I ended French with 92 but I had a 100 at one point in the year? Can they see that or can I tell them?</p>

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<p>Nothing from 8th grade counts. Your qtr grades don’t count either; only your end of 1st and end of 2nd semester grades. YES most colleges understand that IB programs are tougher – it’s their job to recognize kids who achieve in rigorous programs. </p>

<p>Read this too: <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>Some hs do report quarter or semester grades and adcoms may react to those.</p>

<p>Some high schools ONLY report final grades, not even semester ones.</p>

<p>College admissions staff will see what’s on the transcript that your high school sends to them. What’s on your transcript depends on what your particular high school includes on the transcript. Go talk to your guidance counselor and ask to look at the transcript that gets sent to colleges during the application process.</p>