Do i even have a chance? (UPenn, Stanford, UChicago, etc)

<p>I would love to attend these schools and I'm curious about my chances of getting into any of these colleges so please give me your honest opinion. Thanks ! :)</p>


Carnegie Mellon
University of Virginia
UC Berkeley

UC: 4.15
Cumulative: 4.18
My school does not rank. </p>

<p>Junior Year- 4 APS (Biology, Calculus A/B, English Language, and U.S. History)
Senior Year- 4 APS (Calculus B/C, Gov/Econ, Environmental Science, and English Literature)</p>

<p>SAT Scores
SAT I Reasoning: Verbal 700 Math 760 Writing 730 Total 2090
Going to take the December SAT I
SAT II Subject Tests: Math II, U.S. History (Waiting for results)</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities</p>

<p>-Church Tutor Volunteering </p>

<p>-Summer Camp Teacher </p>

<p>-JV/Varsity Basketball. 1 year</p>

<p>-Varsity Golf (1 year)</p>

<p>-Awana Teacher</p>

<p>-Assistant Coach at a Park Recreational Center </p>

<p>-Basketball Mentor </p>

<p>-Everybody Reads (Read to little kids who struggled in reading and writing.)</p>

<p>-Key Club </p>

<p>-Leo Club </p>

<p>-World Vision Club </p>

<p>-Secretary of Korean Club </p>

<p>-Secretary of SAT & ACT Club </p>

<p>-Went on a mission trip to Mexico last summer to feed, aid, and support the poor. (2 week trip).</p>

<p>UCLA Hospital Volunteer </p>

<li>Awarded Offensive MVP for my Basketball Team.</li>

<p>Work Experience</p>

<p>-Private Tutoring </p>

<p>-UCLA Hospital Volunteer</p>

<p>Currently, you have schools in the high match to high reach range. Assuming you are a CA resident (you mentioned that you are a UCLA hospital volunteer), are you ELC eligible? What is your intended major? I don't think you will be competitive applicant at Stanford and you are a little top-heavy overall, given your stats and resume.</p>

<p>UPenn - mid reach
Stanford - low/mid reach
UChicago - low reach
Cornell - high target/ low reach
Northwestern - mid target
NYU- low target
Carnegie Mellon - target
University of Virginia - in
UC Berkeley - high target/ low reach
UCLA - high target/ low reach</p>

<p>By the way, if the numbers you posted are correct, you have a 2190 sat, not a 2090.
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<p>@jshain what do u mean by top-heavy?</p>

<p>SATs are low, and the ECs are ok but don't wow.</p>

<p>I'd say in at NYU and UVA, match at UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, low reach at Berkeley and
Northwestern, mid reach to Cornell and Uchicago and high reach to Upenn and Stanford. (Don't really think you have a chance at Stanford, but you should still apply.)</p>

<p>@jshain- Yes, I am a CA resident & I'm not too sure if eligible for ELC. I'm planning to major in business. </p>

<p>@questionsg- woops, typo. It's supposed to be a 630 for writing. </p>

<p>Thanks you guys :)</p>

<p>UPenn - reach
Stanford - high reach
UChicago - low reach
Cornell - high target
Northwestern - high target
NYU- low target
Carnegie Mellon - target
University of Virginia - IN
UC Berkeley - target
UCLA - target</p>

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<p>I'm going to be a little more harsh than most others.</p>

<p>UPenn - high reach
Stanford - high reach
UChicago - mid-high
Cornell - mid reach
Northwestern - mid reach
NYU- match
Carnegie Mellon - high match/ low reach
University of Virginia - match
UC Berkeley - low reach
UCLA - low reach</p>

<p>For Ivies/top privates, your SAT is low. Most Ivies expect at least a 2150. What is your GPA on a /4.00 scale, by the way? Around a 3.85-3.9, I would assume?</p>

<p>Also, you have a lot of ECs, but no strong focus on anything. Top schools prefer to see strong dedication and leadership in a few choice activities rather than "some" involvement in a whole bunch of different clubs.</p>

<p>@xleet21, </p>

<p>CA residents who are in the top 9% of their class can apply for ELC status at their school when they are juniors. Your HS must be an ELC eligible school, however. If you did not know about this, it may be because your school is not an ELC eligible school OR you were not aware that this was even offered OR you are not in the top 9%. If your school IS on the ELC program and you were eligible but you didn't apply in your junior year, I would speak to your guidance counselor ASAP to see if you can be added. This gives you a distinct advantage at the UCs and guarantees "auto-acceptance" into one of the lower tiered UCs, as long as certain basic requirements are met, and that one UC can then become your safety school.</p>

<p>What are your financial aid requirements. Will you be needing merit- based aid? If the answer is yes, NYU gives lousy aid and is very expensive to attend and UVA (Virginia) doesn't give good aid to OOS residents. Getting in at UVA is also much more difficult for OOS residents and NYU has a very competitive applicant pool for business majors, so you are not "in" or necessarily a "match" at either of these schools anyway. UPenn, Stanford, Chicago, Cornell, and Northwestern are all reaches and most likely you will get rejections at all of these schools. Your chances are more realistic at Carnegie Mellon, but IF you are accepted (a big IF) you probably are not going to get much aid, given your stats and resume. That leaves you with Cal and UCLA. If you are NOT an ELC top 9% candidate these schools now become VERY HIGH MATCHES/REACH and HIGH MATCHES/LOW REACH respectively, so it is entirely possible you may also get rejections at one or both of these schools as well. </p>

<p>I would STRONGLY encourage you to apply to some alternate UCs such as UC San Diego and UC Davis or even UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara-- just in case! </p>


<p>The term "top-heavy" refers to when an applicant is applying to a list of schools that has mostly reach schools compared to having any match and safety schools.</p>

<p>@jshain - I'm pretty sure my school isn't an ELC eligible school. I'm not too sure about my financial aid requirements but my parents combined make less than $30,000 annually. & The colleges i listed were just some of the colleges I'm applying to. I didn't wanna list all the colleges I'm applying to because it's well over 19 colleges. But other colleges I am applying to are Boston College, Boston University, University of Notre Dame, and University of Michigan. As for my backups, UCSD, UCD, UCI (like you mentioned), and Pepperdine are the colleges i'm leaning towards.</p>

<p>your grades & ec look pretty good to me.</p>

<p>No merit aid at BC and Michigan, almost none at BU...... It's really going to come down to UCLA, UCSD, and the mid-tier UCs (Davis and Irvine), IMHO. You may also want to apply to Cal Poly SLO for financial good-sense reasons. </p>

<p>Just for kicks, go to the link below, click on "Custom Tables", answer a bunch of questions, and enter up to 3 "mean characteristics" at a time (CA resident, GPA, overall SAT test score as 3 examples) to see what the admit percentage chances are for someone that is similar to your profile at all the various UCs:</p>

<p>University</a> of California: StatFinder</p>

<p>All going to be on the more difficult side for you but the experience in the UCLA hospital should help.</p>

<p>Based on your grades and scores, your chances are good, but your ECs might be a little bit weak. It depends on your essays and recs, though.
UPenn - low reach
Stanford - high reach
UChicago - mid reach
Cornell - mid/high reach
Northwestern - maybe match
NYU - high match
Carnegie Mellon - low reach
University of Virginia - match
UC Berkeley - low reach
UCLA - high match
These are estimates. I'm really not all that familiar with most of these schools...
Good luck!
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<p>@jshain- Thanks for your help! & Financial aid isn't too much of a big deal for me. My parents are more than willing to financially support me, as long as it's for a "good" college. </p>

<p>Thanks for all your feedbacks! :)</p>

UPenn - mid reach
Stanford - low/mid reach
UChicago - low reach
Cornell - high target/ low reach
Northwestern - mid target
NYU- low target
Carnegie Mellon - target
University of Virginia - in
UC Berkeley - high target/ low reach
UCLA - high target/ low reach


<p>Stanford is definitely a much bigger reach than Penn.</p>

<p>Bump.... :)</p>

<p>Your SATs are a bit low, as is your GPA. What is it on a 4.0 scale? The ECs are solid, and hopefully give you a pretty good chance of getting in. A lot depends on the strength of your recs and essay, but schools like Stanford, UChicago, and Cornell might be reaches. It seems that you're on target for everything else. Best of luck!</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>@smith- My gpa is a 3.75/4.0 & I am going to retake the SAT in december, hoping to break 2250 :)</p>