Do I have a chance at UC colleges (special case)?

<p>I wanted to ask if UC colleges (especially Berkeley, LA and Davis) will at least consider accepting me, based on my current situation:</p>

<p>So I came from India just this year (my junior year). Because of this, I wasn't allowed to take any Honors classes this year, and the few AP classes (Psych and USH) I could take (that were available, at least) were ones I felt I would surely do bad in, so I only took 1 AP class this year (AP Statistics). (<= Will I have to tell colleges this?) Also, because of this, I don't have many volunteering hours (probably 30 so far) and I don't have any opportunities to volunteer anywhere during this summer. The 30 I got were from Math tutoring at my school, and around 4 hours for volunteering in the book room at my school.</p>

<p>My GPA 1st semester was 3.667, and in 2nd semester, it was 4.0. My SAT Reasoning Test scores were 2070 and 2140 respectively; my SAT Subject Test score for Math Level 2 was 780 (I have yet to take Physics). My AP Statistics scores have yet to come out. Also, I plan to take AP Calculus, AP Physics and AP Gov./AP Econ. senior year, just in case you are wondering.</p>

<p>Also, on my transcript, my high school has given me a passing grade for the roughly equivalent courses that I have taken in India (no specific grades, it only says "Pass" or something like that on my transcript, I'm not entirely sure what it exactly says). Will I need to discuss this with UC to see if they'll recognize these as a-g courses that will qualify me for admission?</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I was on my high school's JV badminton team. I am a California resident, and I am a permanent resident of the U.S.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your time (and sorry if this is too long)!</p>