Do I have a shot at UPenn?

<p>Hey, I'm a sophomore at Penn State University Park, with a Psychology B.S. major. I started out at George Washington University, but it was just WAY too expensive and I couldn't afford to stay there (which is a shame because I really loved it). I thought Penn State would be a good option, but as it turns out I find it's location very isolating after D.C, and I find it ridiculously hard to concentrate in 350 person lecture classes. At GW I had a 3.8 G.P.A, worked 15 hours per week in work study, and was an intramural sports referee. At PSU I have a 4.0 GPA, received the President's Freshman Award, competed in club rugby, am active in two service organizations, and also work about 15 hours a week in the Dining Commons. In high school I was in the top 11% of my class, played a varsity sport, was editor in chief of the lit magazine, president of the student body, and president on the young Democrats. I had a 1460 SAT score, 800 on Sat 2 Writing, 650 on Math IC, and 730 in U.S. History. I'm from the Philadelphia area, so a Philly school would be great, but NYC. Baltimore, or D.C. wouldn't be bad. Does anyone have any suggestions where I should apply or if I could get into Penn? Thanks!!!</p>

<p>If Penn isn't an option, how are Villanova and Bryn Mawr about transfers? I really like Temple Honors, but my parents are concerned about the safety factor.</p>

<p>Aren't Villanova and Bryn Mawr pretty expensive too? And the Bryn Mawr site says "Because Bryn Mawr allocates so much of its resources to funding incoming freshman, returning students and the graduate programs, only a limited amount of financial aid is available for students wishing to transfer."</p>

<p>You are doing very well and getting involved at Penn State; keep in mind as you progress, classes generally get smaller. Also, have you considered taking some honors classes? They are smaller too.
Also, there are options for Research and Independent Study if you are wanting to get more involved in your department.</p>

<p>Sorry I have no suggestions for the "isolation", you are correct, PSU is in the middle of nowhere.</p>

<p>It certainy sounds like you are qualified enough to go to UPenn. The general rule of thumb for those of us in this boat is to focus on your essays and recommendations. No one can really tell you anything for sure. Good luck.</p>

<p>seems like you have a shot at upenn, good luck....make sure your application statements are outstanding</p>