Do I have a shot? specific circumstances

<p>Due to academic/personal reasons, there are only a few colleges I think I would be truly happy at. I can't decide between them so I may likely do regular decision for all 3. Two are Ivies (Columbia and Penn) and the third is Barnard. I'm afraid ED would be too risky, but then again the chances of acceptance for RD are a lot smaller. So, given these stats do I have a chance at at least one of these for RD? (Or at least Barnard, which might be a bit easier to get into)</p>

<p>93 UW GPA (94 if including only core classes)
7 APs total by graduation, took 3 last year; 4 this year. 5s on all APs taken last year (Calc, Lang, and USH)
2340 SATs 2nd try, 2170 1st try.
SAT 2s: 760 Math 2, 720 Chem, 770 USH
Highest courseload in school, take a few religious classes too so about 8 courses each day</p>

<p>Female, White, live in the New England area
Fluent in Russian</p>


<p>-Head of local chapter of religious youth group. Organize events such as children’s activities, bowling, etc. Local representative to the national board. Management of online media (lead several facebook groups, chapter page on its website, create promotional videos and material, etc.). (2012-2013)
-Summer camp run by the youth group for four years. (2008-2011)
-Travel summer program with the youth group. (2012)
-Regional branch member and active participant. Do promotional work and attend weekend retreats as well as several leadership conventions each year (2010-2013)
-Helped organize the the main leadership convention in 2013.<br>
-Plan to take a gap year with the youth group and currently ambassador for it, since it is newly starting the year I go (2013)
-Staff member as part of the staff program in the youth group's summer camp (summer 2013)</p>

<p>-School event plannning committee; responsible for PR and clothing swap. (2011-2013)
-Helped organize fundraiser to raise money for breast cancer cure foundation. (2010-2011)
-Helped edit websites for local elementary school, and edited a preface to a religious magazine publication. (2010-2013)
-Volunteered for promotional events and student recruitment at my high school (2010-2013)
-School Drama Club (2010-2013)
-Student Drama Club (2013)
-School Girls’ Musical (2013)
-Lit Mag Committee member (2010-2012)
-School Hip Hop club participant (2012)
-School yearbook- Clubs Editor (2013)
-School yearbook article writer (2012-2013)
-Semifinalist in poetry contest (2012)
-Head and Founder of Club of Social Action at school (2011-2012)
-Volunteer at library (2011)
-Nat'l Honor Society member (2012-2013)
-Member of another youth group (2010-2013)
-Junior State of America- President of PR and Communications (2012)
-Member of local teen philanthropy organization (2010-2013)
-Poetry contest award (2012)
-Winner of the Book Award from Barnard (2013)
-AP Scholars Award (2013)
-National Merit Finalist for PSATs (2013)
-School General Studies Scholars Award (2012)
-School Religious Studies Scholars Award (2012)</p>

<p>-Intern at neuroscience research lab at psychiatric hospital (summer 2013)
-“Squash the Stigma” Blog Admin and Founder. Blog with the purpose of raising awareness about mental illness
-1st Place CT regional Brain Bee (HS neuroscience competition); was nominated to attend national competition
-2nd Place runner up in essay contest sponsored by psychiatric research center in the hospital I interned at
-Peer counseling organization member and active participant (2010-2013)
-Self-studied a lot of neuroscience material last year
-Published an article on the website of a famous mental health advocate</p>

<p>Major: Neuroscience
My essay will be about my experience interning at a psychiatric hospital and how that led me to want to advocate for mental health and contribute to the field. (common app prompt 3- the place you feel most content in- the psych hospital I interned at)</p>

<p>You also have a fairly significant shot at ending up at no college, if those are the only three you will apply to.</p>

<p>No I will apply to more of course, but I would REALLY prefer to go to those 3. I also plan to go on a gap year so I can reapply then. I was just wondering if ED or RD would be better with these stats. (Like are they good enough for me to have a shot RD when there are so many more people applying)</p>

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