Do I have to send midyear reports to the following colleges?

<p>I am a senior applying for an undergraduate programs at the following colleges:</p>

<li>Rhode Island School of Design</li>
<li>Pratt Institute</li>
<li>California Institute of the Arts</li>
<li>Art Center College of Design</li>
<li>California State University, Long Beach</li>
<li>California Polytechnic State University, Pomona</li>
<li>California State University, Sacramento</li>
<li>California State University, Fullerton</li>

<p>Although I can just easily search it up, I am depending on the knowledge of people who have been admitted or are applying to one of these colleges to answer my question.</p>

<p>"I can just easily search it up"</p>

<p>Then save yourself the wait and other people's time by just looking it up yourself.</p>

<p>No one here goes to those schools. We are elitists at the HYPS. Get lost troll.</p>

<p>Oh, I see. You're "one of them".</p>

<p>Im basically applying to all the same CSU's as you, except for sacramento. My college counselor just said to send them, I'm sending mine because I did better than my previous semesters. I would just send them, or even give the campuses a call. Im planning on calling them to double check later today.</p>

<p>You should already know, as schools tell you in application materials. Therefore, ask the schools. Why risk being denied because you depended on information that didn't come from the school?</p>

<p>Im sure you wouldn't get denied, if you just send them</p>