do i need a cosigner or good credit to get a loan for UCLA

<p>hey all, im a transfer student who quit his job to go back to school. I have decided i will be attending UCLA full time and sacrifice not working for a while. funds are really tight now and im banking on getting financial aid and living off savings. my question is, has anyone gotten private student loans to pay for all housing costs without having to get a cosigner? or good credit for that matter? my credit is ok its at like a 650...but its not stellar either.</p>

<p>depends on the lender. I know that some private lenders will allow you to apply for a loan without a cosigner if you made a certain amount of money last year.</p>

<p>socali - what you need is a special circumstance review. :) I quit my job April of 2009 to go back to school and this income I earned in 4 months disqualified me from the majority of grants etc. I contacted my financial aid rep and documented my last date of employment & submitted a letter etc and my EFC is now 0. (It was 4k).. </p>

<p>Ucla has private loans available but they are all dependent on credit.. But the max per year is $12,500 & this is guaranteed regardless of credit for juniors & seniors. (5k sub & remaining unsub).. You should contact your rep asap..</p>

<p>thanks shawnee i appreciate the advice! what happens when your EFC is 0? does the school pay for all your tuition? or do they give u some money as well for housing?</p>