Do you pray to god before exams?

I sometimes pray to god before exams and ask him to help me do well on my exams. Of course, I still study because I don’t believe that god will help me if I don’t do my part. I was just wondering if anyone else does this.

I always used to. That was long ago.

IMHO, religion in general would be more popular than it is already if God helped you do well on exams without studying.

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@damon30 this is applicable to college matters because I am relating it to exams and school work.

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No one in my family would/has because we are atheists, but if it calms you and makes you feel more ready it seems like it could only be a positive thing to do.

I pray for lots of reasons. That my kids-- both my own and those I teach-- do well on important exams are just one of those many reasons.

So if the exam is curved, are you then also asking that God help you more than they help other students? ?

I have prayed before exams and other things for myself and my kids, in general it was something along the lines of “calm their nerves and help them to recall the things they have studied and learned”. Praying for help on an exam that you haven’t studied for would be more like expecting a genie to grant a wish, imo, and not something that I would do.

I’m with @milgymfam. I’m an atheist but anything that makes you feel more centered and better overall is helpful in my book. Whether that’s exercise, therapy, prayer, something else, or a combination of things, if it works for you, go for it!

But the part of your OP I quoted was more theological. Anyway, a mod has indulged you by giving her blessing, so I’ll try to avoid saying anything to doom your thread. :innocent:

Yes. Praying before an exam often means praying for clarity, recall, strength, wisdom, etc. Typically it doesn’t mean that you are praying God makes you do well but supports you.

I do, it’s not just when I am about to take the exam but it is on a daily basis.

I will say that we prayed a lot for my kid to do well this semester so that he could declare for his major. Especially when we were in Italy a few weeks ago. And I guess it did work!

I did and it helped me pass my college courses. Calculus 2,3, Organic chemistry 1 and 2, Physics 2, and I believe Complex Analysis.

Vatican needs to survey and compare AP scores of faithful and faithless. That being said, no harm in praying, if nothing else, it calms your nerves.

My prayer is never that any of my kids will attain a particular score, merely that they’ll do their best.

And could we please ease up on the sarcasm? No one is asking you to share my beliefs, merely to refrain from mocking them.

Thank you bjkmom

OP, please don’t let the sarcasm on this thread make you doubt or feel badly about your faith. On the internet, as in real life, there are always people who attempt to build themselves up by putting others down. They’re absolutely OK with the cheap laugh at someone else’s expense.

You’ll find them in high school, in college, in the work place, pretty much all over. Don’t give them the power to make yourself doubt your beliefs, either in God, in the choices you’ve made or in the person you are.

I pray to God as well before I take exams. Sometimes I am thinking so much about the exam that I forget to pray before the exam but actually pray during the middle of the exam.