do you think I have a chance!?....I WILL CHANCE BACK!!

<p>I do not know how hard it is to tranfer into any of those schools, but i would say your chances seem pretty good to get into most of them.</p>

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<p>Emory is a great school dont get me wrong. I just feel that those schools are a better match for me. You will love oxford. everyone who goes there makes a thousand friends and has the time of their life and I am sure you will too.</p>

<p>Sorry for not providing details...I saw your stats and all i could really comment on was oxford of emory...I know you have a good chance of getting in :)</p>

<p>Even for transfers, the ivies are pretty hard to get into. I'd say you're a safe bet everywhere, but I'd dampen your chances at Stanford and Yale a little bit. Good luck.</p>

<p>Yale-low reach
Berkeley in
Penn reach
Brown in
Duke reach
Stanford low reach</p>

<p>Thank you all! I appreciate all your input...please let me know if I haven't chanced back!</p>

<p>very impressive, i'm sure you'll get into Berkeley, Rice. Brown, UPenn, Duke looking pretty solid as well. With a little luck, yale, columbia, stanford.</p>

<p>best of luck!
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<p>if rec's are as good as you say I don't see any reasons why would any of the universities you are applying to would reject you, but considering fierce competition for transfer students
Yale - match, maybe loooow reach
brown - in
duke - in
columbia - match
stanford - match
rice - in
UPenn - in
UC berkley - in</p>

<p>I think you have a very high chance for all your school other than stanford and yale which will probably be mid-reaches for you. rice, berkley, and duke will probably be your matches.</p>

<p>Yale-low reach
brown-low reach
columbia-high match
stanford-low reach
UPenn-high match
UC berkley - high match</p>

<p>Yale - Reach
Duke - Match
Columbia - Low Reach
Stanford - Reach
Brown - Low Match
Rice - match
UPenn - High Match
UC berkeley - Match</p>

<p>Your IVY leagues are def. a reach- but the other ones should be fine since u have great stats.</p>

<p>In at Rice and Duke definately
Upenn, Brown-low reach
standford, coulmbia, yale, UC berkeley-reach
I think you have agood shot with all of them cuz your coming from a very good school (Emory)
good luck!!
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<p>Wow 18 APs!! The sheer volume is astounding and that you got 4-5 on 8 great. Although you probably tried to stretch yourself a little too thin there =P
Yale- reach
brown- match?
duke- match
columbia, standford- mid-reach/match
UC berkley-match</p>

<p>best of luck!!</p>

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<p>Yale-mid reach
columbia-low reach
brown-high match
UPenn-low reach
UC berkeley-in</p>

<p>thanks for chancing me...please let me know if I haven't chanced back...I am pretty sure that I have to everyone :)</p>

<p>Im not sure how transferring works with public schools, so im not sure about Berkeley, but id say you could easily transfer into rice duke and probably brown and Penn. Columbia may be a little harder, but if anyone can do it, stats wise you can. Yale and Stanford are obviously the hardest, and i hear sometimes Yale doesnt even accept transfers because of it's high retention rate. But good luck!</p>

<p>Ivies: low reach to reach
Rest: match or In</p>

<p>Chance back please
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<p>thank you for chancing me ! </p>

<p>my friend went to emory for a year and then transferred to columbia and since you're coming from such a good school you already have a good chance of getting into all of them.</p>

<p>Yale - high reach
duke - in
columbia - match/low reach
stanford - reach
brown - match/in
rice - in
UPenn - reach
UC berkley - i would say in, but its hard to say since you're out of state</p>

<p>Yale, Columbia- high reach
Duke, Brown, UPenn- low reach
Rice, Berkeley, Stanford- in</p>

<p>Yale - high reach
duke - match
columbia - high match/low reach
stanford - reach
brown - high match
rice - in
UPenn - reach
UC berkley - not sure</p>

<p>It is long, but I'd appreciate your chance:
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