Documentation for Aboriginal students?

<p>Hi, I'm just about to send off my ED application, and my phone is off for repairs, so I can't call the admissions office at the moment - I'd like to ask if Columbia requires Aboriginal students to send paperwork about their region, tribe, etc.? (I'm half-Inuit, and I live in Ontario, if that makes any difference at all.)</p>

<p>dude, u r so in, unless they consider u an international student before a minority</p>

<p>Wow and wow.......good luck and let us know your result???</p>

<p>spoon -- I'm pretty sure documentation is not necessary (in my work at the admissions office, I've come across Native Americans who just check off the box and have no extra material). The same would probably go for you.</p>

<p>I appreciate it, phantom! I'm glad - my mom is adopted, so she doesn't have too much specific information about her parents. Thanks for letting me know.</p>