Does failing an AP exam hurt my chances?

<p>Here's the situation I'm a junior in high school and I only took one AP class this year, AP US History. I have an A in the class but will likely fail the AP exam because our teacher bases our grade off take home essays and paying attention in class. So, I am very ill prepared for the AP test and will likely fail. My question if I fail will colleges automatically see my score? Just so that you know my top choice is UVA. Would failing my AP exam even if I have a 3.85-3.90 cumulative HS GPA and 1380/1600 SAT score (2000/2400 if counting writing section) hurt my chances? if so, how much?</p>

<p>Chances at what?</p>

<p>It's probably not a big deal. Most colleges use AP scores <em>primarily</em> for placement.</p>

<p>unless your HS puts the ap scores on your transcript, colleges will not see them unless you send them. But, do not pay the money to send them....just self-report good scores in the Other section of the app.</p>

<p>Dont worry, colleges don't see that ish until your accepted and trying to transfer credit.</p>

<p>can you NOT send scores to UCs? theyll evetually find out i took the class cus of my gpa grades, but what if i got a B in ap us, but i have no ap score (cus i didnt decide to put it up) will they not look at me?</p>

<p>the UCs don't even ask you to send AP scores during the app process....only SAT/ACT scores. You send AP scores after your are accpeted and choose to attend -- that is why the CB gives you one free score report -- for May of your senior year.</p>

<p>can you send them one of ur senior scores? i dont want to show them any of my 10th or 11th grade ones. they are bad..</p>

<p>sure, you can pick and choose which scores to send for extra $$, but why? Once you are accepted, the college really won't care if you got a 2 on a just won't get credit for it. But, they won't rescind your acceptance for poor AP test scores.</p>

<p>First off,</p>


<p>US History is one of the easier APs, so if you paid enough slight attention in class this year, it really shouldn't be a problem. If you fail, then cancel the score so the colleges don't see it, that would be my solution.</p>

<p>do you HAVE to send them the scores when you were accepted? or is it just for credits? i dont really mind getting credits in college, i just took the ap course in high school to bump up my gpa a bit.
strykur - isnt it bad to cancel? i mean i dont know. but like, i heard that its bad or something. but, if my ap us teacher writes me a letter of rec. for being diligent in class (with a B) would that be good for colleges? can i not cancel it, but also NOT put it in my apps? im confused......</p>

<p>Well, if you cancel, then the AP weight of your AP US grade goes away, yes, but I think it's a reasonable trade-off, since most universities demand you report your AP scores to confirm your AP weighted classes/GPA. Then the credits become priority.</p>

<p>disagree...AP's scores are only used for college credit. You don't have to send scores if you don't want the credit. [colleges may weight gpa for taking the class, not the test, since not all HS require students to take the test. Moreover, by the time senior year rolls around, you may find that your chosen college doesn't provide credit for an AP test anyway -- if so why take it?]</p>

<p>If you take an AP class, but don't take the AP test, in my opininon you've wasted a year of a class. And I know it's standard policy for most high schools to strip the AP credit if the AP test isn't taken. As for the colleges, not sure.</p>

<p>bluebayou - i thought so. :) but im not sure whos correct~ not to diss anyone... im in a bad position...
=/ the fact is, i took these classes to earn a good gpa not really to get a 5 on the test..

<p>Don't worry about it. Last year in our AP U.S. class the teacher based all of our grades off of in class tests which we graded ourselves and than told him the score. A lot of people would add a few points to their scores and he never noticed. I didn't even find out about the free response questions until like a month befre the exam. I didn't study at all and was convinced that I was going to fail. I almost paid the $13 fee so I souldn't have to take it. But I took it and ended up with a five. It really is one of the easier exams and you shoud do just fine on it.</p>

<p>I read somewhere that 5s (maybe 4s as well) help your application, while anything lower has NO EFFECT. That is, it doesn't help you, but it doesn't hurt either.</p>

<p>oh okay, thank you :)</p>

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<p>That little bit of info has made me kind of nervous. Kind of seems like a lose-lose situation for those of us blessed with awful, first-year AP teachers.</p>

<p>Not to hi-jack this thread, but I figure I'll give my own situation here:
This year I was blessed with an AP Art History teacher who 1. has never before taught an AP class and 2. has never taught an actual class, period(she's the art teacher, she teaches kids how to paint). Thus, I've been stuck with sub-par teaching all year at a school with typically high-quality teachers and have been unable to learn the information I need to be successful on AP.</p>

<p>So now I'm stuck with two options, according to the link I provided:
a) Take the AP exam and likely fail it(1 or 2) and have schools think I wasn't paying attention in class or am just plain stupid or
b) Don't take the AP exam and have schools think I'm a slacker or not dedicated.
What I would really like to have is a 3rd option which is:
c) Skip the AP exam this year, but take it next year(my senior year) after independently studying the subject for a year. Sadly, this test will come post-admissions, and would be too little too late.</p>

<p>Any thoughts on what I should do about this?</p>

<p>thats making me nervous again...</p>

<p>You can have a failing grade remove from AP score sheet. You send in a written request. The AP sheet still says that you took the test, but instead of a grade it says something like "score withdrawn at student's request</p>