Does the Admission Committee make FINAL DECISION After Mid-Year Reports?

<p>I checked Penn Portal and they still haven't received my Mid-Year Report yet (school sent it out last week). What if the admissions committee already viewed my application and put it on the rejection or waitlist pile? Would they go back and reconsider their decision when they get my mid-year report? What's the purpose of the Mid-Year Report?</p>

<p>They won't review your application 'til they have everything they need. So chances are they have your Mid-Year Report but just haven't updated it on Penn Portal (which happens to EVERYONE, so please, people, stop posting about it) or they will be calling you very soon to ask where it is!</p>

<p>Dude you really need to relax and understand penn portal isnt updated every second. And what is the mid year report for? Honestly if you can't answer that.... youre not in very good shape. And really.... even if ur application was in the waitlist or denied pile... what could you do about it?</p>

<p>Cardinals for life ~ Thats right!</p>

<p>but Quaker for life is on par haha</p>