Downward grade trend... Chance me?

<p>Freshman year: 3.95
Sophomore year: 3.89
Junior Year: 3.65
Senior Year 1st Semester: 3.75</p>

<p>My grades dropped a lot in junior year (High B+ average), but they did go up from first semester to second semester. I had a rigorous schedule, and it is pretty low :S I had a few B's. My overall GPA is probably over 3.7UW and 4.3+W.</p>

<p>I'm applying to two Ivies and a lot of competitive schools (Princeton, Stanford, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, etc) for Chemical Engineering. Of course, I have some safeties (Lehigh, WPI, UDel)I know my chances are very slim, especially for the Ivies... Do I still have somewhat of a chance of getting accepted? I'm not extremely special. My EC's are good, but not comparable to some CC'ers, I'm an international student with an American residence, my essays are pretty interesting and show an interesting cultural background, my SAT scores are alright 2170. </p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>downward trend is definitely not good, unless you've been taking more and more challenging classes.
Overall GPA is pretty decent, and a few B's won't hurt you. Plenty of people get into Ivies and Stanford with a healthy number of B's (less than half tho, of course).
You definitely have a chance, though it will be a reach.
Good luck!</p>

<p>What "rigorous courses" have you been taking? If you have a good class rank, GPA shouldn't matter too much.</p>

<p>I'm taking: IB English HL A1, IB Spanish HL A2, IB Chemistry HL, IB History HL, IB Math SL (AP Calc AB), Theory of Knowledge, Physics, Honors Band
Surprisingly my grades in the second year of the IB are much higher than those from my first year!</p>