Drama/Theatre programs with heavier emphasis on audition?

<p>My 11th grader would like to major in Drama (acting, not particularly musically inclined) and is an average student (I will post stats) but am told is a good actor (comedy). He went to a drama camp last summer and was told that he should pursue this. (by professionals in the industry), I want him to have a real college experience tho. </p>

<p>what we have so far: </p>

<p>SUNY- Purchase
UCLA (even tho his grades won't get him there, he was told that sometimes that take average students based on the audition and this is his first choice and a super reach)
Cal Arts
North Carolina Arts
Southern Oregon (?)
VCU (last last last choice as a safety)</p>

<p>Suggest others?</p>

<p>grades: 2.8, (3.1 weighted)
ACT 22</p>

<p>4 AP classes
drama Academy
lots of productions</p>


<p>Have you asked this in the Theater Majors sub-forum?</p>

<p>You can find it on the main page where all of the forums are listed. It is inside the College Majors forum.</p>