<p>so what do people dress like at nyu?</p>




<p>are most people fashionable or just bundled up? do people wear backpacks or just regular bags? do you have a lot of books to carry around?</p>

<p>i saw everyone carrying around messenger bags when i was there.... not many backpacks</p>

<p>It's just toooooo big to characterize. NYU is so huge, so there are many styles. I have friends who go there now, and believe me, it's a mix of preppy, alternative, and just plain regular. It won't be hard to find people who share your style. </p>

<p>Also, I'm sure many people are "fashionable", ie wearing the best clothing; NYU is located in the most fashionable area in the most fashionable city, so what do you expect?</p>

<p>"The Best clothes"
funny how we define things in our society. I wonder what "the best" clothes reffers to - the clothes worn by the most people? The clothes that cost the most? what makes clothing "the best"?</p>

<p>As Oscar Wilde put it, "Fashion is something so detestable that we need to change it every six months"</p>

<p>no one said anything about the best clothes... she was asking what are the typical clothes of NYU students</p>

<p>considering how much NYU costs and how i'm already pennypinching to pay for it, i'm just bringing the clothes taht i have. really, who cares about how everyone else dresses? it's your own lifestyle, and i doubt anyone will really have a problem if you don't wear designer clothes. i know i don't...</p>

<p>im sorry if i offended people by making it sound as if fashion was going to be more important than my education next year...</p>

<p>what i meant to ask was: I come from california..i wear summer dresses and flip flops in the winter sprinkles of water (im not sure u could call it rain)...so....what can i buy right now for the weather of ny? what kind of clothing is appropriate for each season? </p>

<p>there are not many big jackets that i can buy in cali, so i was just wondering if someone could give me some tips on what to buy IN cali...so that i will have less shopping to do in ny...how many shirts? material...sweaters...brands that keep u warmest...do ur jackets get so soaked that u have to change more than once a day? what kinds of boots? are uggs appropriate...or are there any other brands of boots that u can suggest that are comfortable or popular (by necessitY)</p>

<p>thanks to all...</p>

<p>It's going to be hot the last week of August, so I would say bring some summer clothes, not too many, and shop after you get there. You can find any type of clothes at any price nearby, from Bloomingdale's to Walmart, but I hate Walmart. Kohl's is cheap, also you can probably find a Target. No matter how much or how little you have to spend, you can do it in or near NYC. PS Uggs are appropriate.</p>

<p>I'm coming from cali too, and I think I'm going to buy most of my clothes in NY. The clothing material is different on the east coast...much more suited to the weather. In sunny california, clothes are all made of cotten, which isn't very water-resistant nor very warm. You won't find much wool in cali, and you'll probably need some wool clothing when the snow comes around.</p>

<p>from october until mid-november and march until april you can pretty much walk around in jeans a tee shirt and a fleece jacket. The winters here arent that bad. jeans and long sleave tee shirts are fine for the winter provided you have a decent winter jacket. as for wool i find it unneccesarily itchy and try to stay away from it as much as possible.</p>

<p>well in that case...
bring whatever to be prepared. jeans are always good. they keep you warm. bring a winter coat. like...a heavy winter coat. i usually use the one i go skiing in. for summers, they can be as hot as they get in california. but be sure to bring enough warm clothing.</p>

<p>Cotton clothing?!</p>

<p>Who in their right mind...</p>

<p>;-) It's not all that different here on the East Coast. Just, well, more layers.</p>

<p>i dont live in New York but i live in calgary which cant get to -30 sometimes
We just wear watever (Tshirts,sweaters, turtle) and then put on a jacket or something</p>

<p>from the bottom of my heart I am sorry that you have to root for the calgary flames.</p>

<p>Yeah Canada gets brutal cold. I have family in Winnipeg, which in January is not for the weak.</p>

<p>ya it's kinda sad that they lost to FLORIDA out of all places. They probably think a hockey stick is used to row a boat or something. AND all the good players on that team is canadian</p>