Dropping Spanish after Spanish 3- Will it hurt my son's chances?

<p>My son is going to be 11th grade. He learned Spanish from 8th to 10th grade. He has finished Spanish 3.
He got score 4 in AP and He tested out Chinese I and II from School (He is a Chinese-American.). He can also test out Chinese 3 next year if there is the need since I am / (he is) not sure if there is the value to test out Chinese 3 after he tested AP Chinese.
My son’s goal is getting into medical school. His targets are John Hopkins, University of Michigan, North Western University and University of Chicago.
My question is if he is dropping Spanish, will it hurt his chance. I knew most selective colleges strongly recommend 4 years of same second language. But will the year from middle school be counted?
I have always been confused by this question. How about suppose my son (or someone) is very good on self-learning Spanish and never take any years of Spanish learning from school but tests score 5 in AP Spanish? (Just suppose).
The reason to drop Spanish is that he wants to do Physics, then AP Physics in 12th. And I also think that Physics is more important for pre-med students.
Another reason for me is that I think one more year of Spanish will not make big difference. My son has been learning Chinese from Sunday Chinese school for many years and tested AP Chinese. But from my point of view, his Chinese is still way to go, especially in writing. I think if there is the need in Spanish in his future career, he will be much motivated to learn.
But if dropping Spanish will affect his college application, then he needs to think about this.</p>

<p>Generally, when a student has taken foreign language in middle school the level which they completed in high school is what is important. For your student that will be Spanish 3. You will need to contact the individual schools to see if an AP score of 4 would make any difference in this. The choice to take physics due to his interest in pre-med is understandable, however you just have to be mindful of the possible implications at any potential universities your student is are applying to. I doubt the response will be uniform.</p>

<p>FWIW, my son who is an engineering major completed 5 years of a FL because that is what his first choice university strongly recommended. He doesn't regret the choice and enjoyed the last year very much.</p>

<p>Best of luck to your son!</p>

<p>No, it will not affect his chances, especially already having Chinese in addition to English and Spanish.</p>

<p>Level of language course in high school completed is generally what is looked at. Some schools view sufficiently high scores on AP tests as validation of language knowledge equivalent to some level of high school language course. But check each school to be sure.</p>

<p>If he is interested in continuing to improve his proficiency in the other language(s), and there are native speakers of those languages in the high school, speaking to them in that language may give practice.</p>