Dropping Track and Field 2nd Semester?

<p>I've been doing track and field ever since i was a freshman. This year I am too out of shape and lazy to continue. If i Drop Track and field (2nd semester) will this affect what colleges will think about me?? please help.</p>

<p>Are you a junior or senior? If you're a senior, it probably won't matter. If you're a junior, you need to have something to replace it with.</p>

<p>As a track runner myself, I'll say this:
If you're only motivation is to look good for colleges, drop it. It won't affect what they think about you. That being said, I think you should find whatever motivated you to start track in the first place, and get your lazy butt back into shape!! In the end it will be worth it</p>

<p>Totally agree with mohojo. If your a junior, it'll affect your college application. If your a senior, this is your year! Just think of how happy you'll be when you PR (personal record) in your races</p>

<p>Yeah but I Feel like Junior year was my peak :( I lost motivation and have a bit senioritis... So i want to drop track.</p>