Dual Degree - Graduate School/Medical School


<p>I am currently a undergraduate student majoring in biochemistry and may want to pursue a dual degree in Japanese for language proficiency. But, I was wondering how does this affect your overall GPA when you apply for medical school since both undergraduate degrees are not related to each other. The reason I ask about two different types of professional schools is because I am still unsure if I want to become a researcher or a doctor. Thank you.</p>

<p>The med school will require all of your transcripts and consider them all.</p>

<p>If you feel that your japanese classes would pull down your GPA then consider not taking them at college?</p>

<p>Med schools look at two separate GPAs. They look at your overall (everything all together, which would include Japanese) and they look at your BCPM GPA (science and math). For other grad schools, they may do the same depending on the program, or they may look at your overall GPA and GPA in the relevant major, if it’s for a biochem degree</p>