Duck calling scholarship + UNC chapel hill

<p>So I recently saw a scholorship of $5,000 being rewarded to a student adept in the challenging and intriguing skill of duck calling. But before i can perfect such a skill, and therefore make myself elligable for said scholarship, I must figure out which schools I have a chance at :) </p>

<p>My first choice would be UNC chapel hill and i will apply early app. I'm also looking at Emory, Wake Forest, UVA, William & Mary, UCLA, and Washington Uni. in St. Louis ( where my sister goes). Chance me please and i will return the favor and start to learn the art of duck calling</p>

<p>Ohio resident, public school
GPA: 4.34, 4.0 (only ever As)
class rank: 9/267
SAT: CR: 700, W: 750, M:630
APs: Gov (5), Eng (4),Euro (4), Bio (3), U.S. (3), will take A.P. Eng, World, Economics, French, and Stats next year, (10/15 offered at my school)
A.P. Scholor with Distinctions
Lettered in cross country and track all 3 years
captain XC junior year ( senior year I know I am for xc and track)
MVP for xc junior
multitude of conference awards and other running awards
french club, interact, yearbook, Envirothon=(joining as senior, already talked to teacher)
fair amount of service hours</p>

<p>thanks! and sorry for the dumb title, I have posted like 4 others, and none have gotten any responses, so perhaps stupidity shall atract! Also I will chance you in return!</p>