Duke ED chance?

<p>Hi! I was just wondering if there was any way i could get into duke early decision. I really really want to go there! any feedback would be awesome!</p>

<p>Grade: senior
Gpa: 5.0256 weighted
4.0 unweighted
rank: 22/589
My schedule this year:
AP English
AP Biology
AP Environmental Science
German Honors 4
AP Statistics
AP Calculus 3 first semester (taught by an NC State professor)
AP Differential Equations (taught by an NC State professor)</p>

<p>Last years grades/ AP scores:
AP US History: A, 5
AP English: A, 3
AP Calculus BC: A, 5
AP Calculus AB: A, 5 on AB subscore
AP Chemistry: A, 5
German honors 3: A</p>

<p>SAT 2270.
Math: 790
Writing: 800
Reading: 680</p>

<p>I'm taking the Math 2 and Chemistry Subject tests next week.</p>

Taken dance for 12 years, been in a dance company for 8 years. I have competed in over 25 local/ regional dance competitions.
Participant in GAPP (German American Partnership Program). An exchange program in which I host a German student for a month, and I travel to German for a month to attend German school.
Vice President of Glee Club
2 year member of Key Club
4 year member of German Club
Played piano for 7 years</p>

<p>I know my extra curriculars aren't that impressive. But I'm hoping that since i'm applying ED i'll have a better chance of getting in.</p>

<p>Am i doomed to a letter of rejection? haha any feedback would be nice! thank you!</p>

<p>There is no such thing as AP Calculus 3 or AP Differential equations. Other than the fact that you are taking nonexistent classes, you have good chances for ED.
What is your WGPA adding only 1 point for honors/AP classes (the standard way of measuring GPA?)</p>

Actually there is. The OP's school offers a course from NC State at her school which is added into gpa as a college level course (AP level). So her stats are real...</p>