Duke or ND or Any ivy league

<p>I am currently a Junior in a private catholic school. And I am Hispanic. And I was wondering if I could into duke or Stanford with these prerequisites:</p>

<p>Sophomore classes:
High Geometry
Advanced College Math (college credit)
Honors Chemistry
English II
German II
Web design
Java computing</p>

<p>Junior classes:
AP Us history
Advanced Precalculus
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
Advanced Sculpture
Advanced Psychology
Personal Finance
AP MacroEconomics
English III

<p>I tutor kids st a local elementary school an volunteer at a thrift store to raise money for the homeless. Volunteered 45 hours this summer.</p>

<p>Gpa of 92.89 ( it was 94 freshman year)</p>

<p>Clubs: German club, will be applying for NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, and Math Team.</p>

<p>Sports: varsity since sophomore year on the soccer team.
Club soccer from (2004-2011)</p>

<p>Will be taking SAT in march. Just took PSAT on October 8th I think.</p>

<p>What are my chances for duke or stanford</p>

<p>No one can even make a stab in the dark without test scores.</p>