Duke please?

<p>or a 32-36 ACT?</p>

<p>This is wierd lol. I would expect the valedictorian to be scoring at least over 1550+. In my school there is like 20 or so ppl who score over 1550, many of them are not on top. Your weak SATIIs may lead admissions to believe that you took fluff classes to boost your GPA or your school's academics is weak. Not having AP Calc BC kind of reinforce that. Anyway I still think you have an excellent shot, do retake it in January or hopefully today because a 2200+(1500+) will look much better.</p>

<p>your list is short on Match schools unless you love the other three schools. duke and dartmouth are reaches with waitlists that resemble the quality of admits, but few come off the waitlists. we were told Duke turned away 800 plus valedictorians. you are a very fine student..it is not too late to shoot out a couple more Match applications if you aren't pleased enough with the non D and D options. don't know what you are looking for re atmosphere, size etc. Personally, I like LACs a lot and you are what many schools are looking for.</p>

<p>well lixuelai, I would take calc BC if my school offered it. I discussed a self-study plan with guidance and my calc teacher. Although guidance said it might be worth while, my calc teacher recommended focusing on scoring a 5 on the AB exam. I am not taking fluff classes. I was one of only 3 kids to take an AP class junior year. Our school's cirriculum is designed so that pre-reqs. must be taken before an AP class and it is impossible to take an AP before junior year. The GCs noted this on our school's profile.</p>

<p>-Is a 790 iic exam really that weak? How about a 750+ bio and 740 writing (from new sat)
I think If I combine these with a 32-36 composite ACT my test scores are alright, not superior. In all honesty, I realize Dartmouth is an extreme reach due to my ethnicity, location, and low board scores, but I think Duke is possible.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your help so far. I will definitely be preparing substancially more for the MCATs (or GREs) then I did for the SATs.</p>

<p>Those SAT II's would be fine. I had a 790 Math IIC, 750 Chem, and 740 Writing, and I got in. :)</p>

<p>Your chances are low because the class ranking is not justified by the standardized scores. Also, your high school's average SAT is not so good, so I don't think your valedictorian status will be too meaningful for Duke. Of course, you have a reasonable chance, so there is no reason not to apply. </p>

<p>Chances: 15%</p>

<p>15%? I wouldn't exactly call that a reasonable chance
I was hoping my geographical location would bump my chances a little. I'm making the assumption that Duke looks at ACT scores the same way as SAT scores. If so, a 32-36 composite would substanciate my academic performance and therefore my class rank.
-If I can't get in, I can always go to Uconn (1/2 tuition scholarship+honors program+$2500 research grant sounds attractive)</p>

<p>I will try to elaborate on my previous post. </p>

<p>"15%? I wouldn't exactly call that a reasonable chance"</p>

<p>When the overall acceptance rate for RD is about 20%, your situation is very similar to that of an average applicant. It is difficult for everyone, and your chance isn't unreasonable relative to the chances of other applicants. </p>

<p>"If so, a 32-36 composite would substantiate my academic performance and therefore my class rank."</p>

<p>The ACT score you provided is 29, which is still quite low for an upper-tier university. If you do get a 32-36 ACT, you will have a MUCH better chance. In that case, I would not submit any of the SAT scores, because the low SAT I would outweigh the very high M-IIC SAT II. The ACT alone is enough if it's strong.</p>

<p>"I was hoping my geographical location would bump my chances a little."</p>

<p>Massachusetts isn't an under-represented state. There are many students from the northeast at Duke. If anything, it's more difficult for those applying from states like NY, CT, and MA.</p>

<p>I called the admissions director and he said that they only consider one's best scores. For instance, my sat 2 scores are decent, but my SAT I scores are low. If I submitted ACT scores as well, the adcoms would evaluate me based on my New SAT writing section score, math iic, biology, and ACT score (if a 32-36)</p>

<p>well..that is more than fair..good luck and happy outcomes! you have worked hard.</p>

<p>Wait you got a 32 on the ACT?</p>

<p>No...I have been scoring in that range on praticed ACT exams (33, then 31, then 32)...so I anticipate a score within that region on the actual test. Since I scored a 12 on the essay the first time, dartmouth and duke both advised me to take just the multiple choice part of the ACT on saturday because they will look at both exams.</p>