Duke Vs. Dartmouth (Help Please!)

<p><strong>Disclaimer-- a bit long--</strong></p>

<p>As of right now, I'm torn between these two amazing schools. I've been doing significant research on both schools and have found Duke to be the more appealing one right now. The beauty of the campus, wealth of resources, and academic prestige are just amazing...and plus there are a billion other qualities that I like. Now on the other side, there's Dartmouth, which I love as well, but there are some things that I dont like about it. Despite the appeal of the D-plan, I dont like the idea of a mandatory summer at the school, I mean comeon, I dont care how good the school is, I dont want to be cooped up in Hanover when I can be on some beach somewhere. The drinking is also...not as appealing, I like to party, but it just seems excessive. This isnt to say that Duke doesnt have drinking, I just think it's on a much smaller magnitude. The prevalence of frats/soros is also...iffy, I dont know quite yet if I want to join a frat. The bad thing about Duke is ...well I dont know if I'm just being an idiot here, but I'm worried about Duke's prestige fading away in the next couple of decades. The rankings did go down from last year (US NEWS), not that THAT means anything, but I'm hoping it was just the lacrosse scandal or whatever. I know that Dart's Ivy League status, no matter how superficial, will always keep it up there, while DUke I'm not so sure. </p>

<p>For majors, I'm thinking about pre-med, or pre-law, and I'm sure that factors into the decision significantly, and I was wondering if anyone knew about the possibilites of double majoring at both schools?</p>

<p>And weather-wise, I could really care less, warm is good, cold is good too.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input in advance!</p>

<p>I do not think that you should spend any time worrying about Duke's prestige fading in the forseeable future. I think that any drop in applications/selectivity last year was very likely due to the Lacrosse scandal and is unlikely to last. </p>

<p>The only question/concern/observation that I would raise to you is that is Duke really that much less of a party school than Dartmouth? I'm hardly the authority on either school (tiny towns and southern heat frighten me!), but I hadn't really heard of Duke as a less extravagent school. </p>

<p>My advice? You really, really like Duke. Go to Duke, where your heart is, and be happy. Don't worry about prestige, because the prestige is there at Duke and will still be there at Duke for plenty long enough for you to get established in the world and stop worrying about the prestige of your college degree :).</p>

<p>I agree, the prestige issue is moot. I would highly recommend visiting both for their respective accepted students weekends. That will help significantly. They are both wonderful schools in the end.</p>

<p>Don't be so sure about your preference of weather... New England winters are absolutely brutal.</p>

<p>Although lots of people find the concept of "sophomore summer" strange when they first hear of it, I think a lot of Dartmouth students (and graduates) will tell you that it was the most fun term they had while at college. Just something to ponder.</p>

I was wondering if anyone knew about the possibilites of double majoring at both schools?


It depends on the majors and how much AP/IB credit you have. I'm double majoring in Classics and Biology with a minor in EOS and have enough flexibility to study abroad for a year. I know someone double majoring in Economics and English, and they ate up almost all of her classes.</p>

<p>Going to school in the summer is about as chill as it can get. Even the profs are laid back during summer. Don't consider it in a bad light. Plus, it frees up a different quarter for internships or travel when the masses of college students are back in class -- thus, less competition for internships.</p>

<p>Sophomore summer was my favorite term on campus. "Camp Dartmouth" included daily swims in the connecticut, late night jumping off of the river ranch roof, lots of laid back times with my best friends, etc. Many people form deep friendships that term.</p>

<p>Duke-weather and ACC sports.</p>

<p>I was offered badly needed $$ by Duke and still chose Dartmouth. I'm a legacy and I've watched the Dartmouth network work all of my life. I love the D plan, it's far easier to get great internships in the winter than in the summer!! Sophmore summer is loved by all!!</p>

<p>I also like the campus better as I'm not into Gothic. I also love the walkability of the Dartmouth campus. At Duke you'll be riding the bus a lot freshman year. I also don't want to live among just freshmen which is an option at Dartmouth.</p>

<p>They are both great school and will be strong for pre med and law, though I'd give Duke the nob as having better pre-med opportunities. They both have massive spirit. Duke obviously has bigger sports. Better weather at Duke. But Dartmouth is the happiest place I know.</p>