DUS vs Smeal application?


I’m planning on applying to PSU later this year and I had some questions about their admissions process. I have heard that Smeal is significantly harder to get into compared to DUS, so I’m a little worried that if I apply to Smeal over DUS I won’t get in. I was hoping to get some advice towards what I should do given my stats.

For reference, I have a 3.0 unweighted GPA and a 3.19 weighted GPA with no real trend. I got a 2010 on the old SAT (660W 680CR 670M). I also have decent extracurriculars.

Also, if I were to get into Smeal I was wondering what the benefits would be over DUS.

Thanks in advance!

Go DUS. They care about GPA a lot and yours is rather low for University Park.

Thanks for the advice. Could you tell me the process to getting a Smeal degree from DUS?

You stay in DUS for two years – just like everyone else, as engineering majors are “pre-engineering” for two years, for example – and complete your entrance-to-major requirements. At the end of your sophomore year, you apply to your major. It is based on GPA and completing ETM (a prescribed set of courses in which you need, usually, a C or better). There is no benefit to applying from DUS or from another college. Check out ugstudents.smeal.psu.edu for more info, specifically the page “Pre-Major Planning” (http://ugstudents.smeal.psu.edu/academics-advising/get-into-a-smeal-major/pre-major-planning)

I’m going to suggest something else here…Not only apply DUS, but put summer session start as a backup. A 3.19 weighted is low for UP, even for summer. It is doubtful, in my opinion, that you’d get into UP for fall with that GPA. However, your SAT is higher - so you may get into summer session. My daughter started summer 2015 and LOVED summer session. She had a 3.45 and a 29 ACT and did not get in for fall.

Also, if you are willing to start at a branch campus, put down an alternate campus. They will first evaluate you for fall, then if you can’t get in for fall, they will evaluate you for summer, and then lastly if they still can’t accept you at UP for fall or summer, they will likely admit you to a branch campus as long as you have one listed as a back up. Either way, apply DUS. The process to get into Smeal from DUS is the same as the process for those admitted “pre smeal”(which is what they really are admitted as). Everyone has to do the same entry to major requirements to be officially accepted junior year.

Thanks for the info. For branch campuses would I still be guaranteed a UP degree through their 2+2 program or would I have to apply for it?

No, you just have to meet the entry to major requirements. You transition to the University Park campus after 2 years. You don’t have to reapply at all. As long as you are in good standing (not failing)…you go. My daughter is at UP campus now, but my son just applied today for the Altoona Campus for next fall. (Applications opened today). So he will also do the 2+2 if he chooses Penn State.

Not only do you need to meet the entrance to major requirements, you need to have the appropriate gpa for the entrance to major classes before getting into Smeal. That would be 3.2 for all Smeal majors except for finance which would be 3.5. See this link. http://ugstudents.smeal.psu.edu/academics-advising/get-into-a-smeal-major/entrance-to-major-requirments-for-students-entering-penn-state-summer-2015-or-later

^^^True but it is important to remember that students who are direct admit to Smeal also have to achieve the 3.2/3.5 gpa before they can declare a business major. And they also have to meet the entrance to major requirements and cannot declare a business major until end of sophomore year.

It’s true for all campuses. And you actually apply when you are between 44-59 credits. Can’t apply before or after. For my son that will be fall semester of sophomore year.

PENN STATE credits or any credits?

@bodangles only Penn State credits.

@japsmom Oh okay, thanks.

Like others have said, definitely apply summer session as DUS, and then transfer into Smeal. That’s exactly what I plan to do.