EA + UChic

<p>I applied EA to UChicago. Have any of you recieved your results? and if yes, when?
I live outside the US, so it might take sometime... but wanna check</p>

<p>I think they mail on the 15th. No one has heard yet, as far as I know.</p>

<p>On the Uncommon App login page it says:</p>

<p>Please note: early action decisions will be mailed on December 16. As always, we will not give out decisions by email, online, or by phone.</p>

<p>ahh.... mustve missed that (actually havent been there for a long time, since my app was filed and confirmed)</p>

<p>Thaks a lot MomofWildChild and dressupandxdance for ur help</p>

<p>No problem...actually I hadn't been there or looked myself. Someone posted it on a college livejournal community and I thought I'd pass it on.</p>

<p>arghhh i want to know now... it seems like everyone is getting early stuff back and chicago won't even mail till friday? i have exams next week so i've got enough on my mind. nuts.</p>

<p>have u got it yet?
They mailed on the 15th
I havent got it yet</p>