EAP United Kingdom- how should I rank the universities I chose??

<p>Hi everybody. My name's Jenny and I'm a UC student majoring in International Studies-Sociology. I am regional specializing in both East Asia and Europe, and minoring in Business. </p>

<p>I am applying for fall 2012 EAP UK Immersion, but I am having difficulty ranking my choices. I've narrowed it down to four universities:</p>

<p>-University of Manchester
-University of Glasgow
-University of Sussex
-University of East Anglia</p>

<p>I am looking at things using this important to least important scale: Accommodation (Living/ Guaranteed Housing) > Travel convenience/ location > Academic prestige & Courses.</p>

<p>I am planning on taking International Studies / Sociology courses for my major, and one or two European courses and a music course for my GE. The Major courses are my main concern. </p>

<p>Please help!!!!</p>

<p>This is a question you can answer better yourself.</p>

<p>Accommodation (Living/ Guaranteed Housing)</p>

<p>You need to ask the programme about this. It depends. If will differ for different programs, and will njo doubt be different to the accommodation offered to directly enrolled students.</p>

<p>Travel convenience/ location</p>

<p>Depends where you are travelling to. Manchester and Glasgow have big international airports. Uni of Sussex is in Brighton and therefore very near London and London airports (especially Gatwick). UEA is in Norwich which is not very close to a major international airport, but quite simple to get to from Heathrow (tube to Kings Cross, overground train to Norwich. I would guess the travelling time would be about 3 hours though). You can find out all of this info from the uni websites in any case. If you want to spend no time in the UK and every spare second travelling I would choose Sussex due to it's closeness to London and thus transport links.</p>

<p>Norwich is a small place compared to your other choices so think about whether this is what you want. If you are of a conservative nature I would stear clear of Uni of Sussex. Brighton could be a shock to the system! It's by the sea though, and a good choice for party animals (as is Manchester).</p>

<p>Academic prestige & Courses.</p>

<p>As you are probably aware, in the UK most students only study a single subject or "course". Therefore the academic standing of that specific course, rather than the uni as a whole, is most important. You can find league tables for specific areas of study using Google. You will need to find out which specific courses you take classes in from the program organisers. American study abroad students sometimes take different classes from directly enroilled UK students, or combinations from different courses which are not available to directly enrolled students (I can't imagine may UK unis are going to offer international studies and music! They would think this a mad combination). You know more about this than random people online.</p>

<p>Basically you need to address these questions to the program organisers. They are the only ones who can give you the exact and correct answers to your specific questions about their program (or use the program website).</p>

<p>Good luck with your application.</p>