Earlier = Better??

<p>does applying to a school earlier make any difference if the school doesn't have rolling admissions?</p>

<p>I don't believe so. But don't wait till the last minute!</p>

<p>do you mean early decision? Or do you mean just sending your application in earlier? If it's the former, yes huge boost. If the latter, no boost whatsoever except maybe the admissions officers aren't as harried yet.</p>

<p>no i just meant send the application in earlier, not ED/EA.</p>

<p>Some universities have cutoff dates for getting in on the best scholarships so earlier is better.</p>

<p>So if you ARE applying Early Decision or Early Action, IS it an advantage to send the application earlier than the November due date??</p>

<p>According to previous information I've received, I heard that the earlier you submit your application, the higher your chances of receiving an interview. Because remember sometimes its first come first serve so you already know</p>