Early Decision Chances?

<p>"Northwestern University - Medill School of Journalism"</p>

<p>Filipino female born in the Philippines, educated in US.
Tiny town (9,000) tiny school (550) in Oregon
3.89 GPA (unweighted)
1910 (680 V, 660 W, 570 M)
Top 5%</p>

<p>Pre-Calculus (Lame, I know. My school doesn't offer anything higher for seniors. This is the most advanced class available.)
College Anatomy and Phyiology
AP Government
College History of Western Civilizations
College Writing and Composition

<p>Awesome essays, awesome recommendations</p>

<p>Best Extra-Curriculars (but not all)</p>

<p>2 year job (not internship) writing for the second largest newspaper in the state
2 years yearbook editor
Producer of student radio show
Currently interning at a regional magazine company
12 + years piano
Student pilot</p>

<p>Have been working full-time summers since 2003</p>

<p>2 older sisters, parents divorced, no one in family has ever attended college</p>

<p>Do not qualify for financial aid</p>

<p>Your SATs are quite low for Northwestern-are you retaking?</p>