Early decision/early action threads?

Is there any way to create a temporary subforum for these early action and early decision threads being created now. There are thousands of colleges and many have EA and/or ED. If you created a fall admissions 2023 subforum, then when these decision are all done, you could close the whole sub forum.

Last year, you folks also created regular decision threads. Every college has regular decision. Again…a subforum for these might be better than the general forum. Because at the end of the admissions cycle…you could close that forum to further comments.

Most people are only interested in a small number of these. I just spent a lot of time I will never see again muting a large number of these so they wouldn’t appear on my latest posts list.

@CC_Sorin @CC_Jon

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Excellent idea!

Great suggestion! That would really help.

Also some people have already set up admissions threads for schools. Are you going to change them so they have uniform titles?

There’s an easier way! We are tagging those threads as either early-decision or early-action (or both). If you visit the tag page (Topics tagged early-decision) you will see a bell icon that opens the following menu:

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 8.37.57 AM

If you know you don’t want to see those threads, go ahead and mute them. If there are a few schools you are most interested in seeing, you can individually unmute those topics. From the way the option is worded and a quick test, I don’t believe this mutes old threads, however.

I’m also looking into ways for us to bulk close all the previous year’s early admission topics so that they don’t get confused with the current year. Again, the tags help.


We can. Out of curiosity, what do you see as the main benefit to standardizing the titles?

I think the point was there don’t need to be multiple EA/ED threads for a particular school, so that the ones already created can be merged into the ones created by Sorin.

Ah. Good point. We can certainly do that.

Yes, there is the multiple thread issue but also the rambling subjects/titles and those that refer to the year students will be entering (ex. 2023) rather than the year they are graduating (ex 2027). It would be nice if there was consistency in titles so people can search for previous year’s threads. On that note, it might be nice to include a hyperlink to last year’s closed thread for reference.

Great suggestion, @skieurope! I did not intentionally start a new thread, but I may have missed some. Do you have some examples of schools where there are duplicate threads? I can go ahead and remove my thread. Thanks!

As of now, there do not seem to be any multiple threads

@CC_Sorin , all of the threads you created use 2023. Most c/o threads on CC refer to the year of college graduation rather than the entering year.

For example




Again, I would like some uniformity in how we refer to classes. If I am searching for last year’s admissions thread, am I looking for the class of 2022 or class of 2026?