Early Decision Single Degree

<p>As an Early Decision candidate, we will first consider your application to the joint- or accelerated-degree program. If we are unable to admit you to the joint or accelerated program, and you would also like to be considered as an early decision candidate to your designated single-degree option, please select YES below. The offer of admission is binding. Please acknowledge that you have read this and agree to enroll at Penn under the early decision program, if admitted.</p>

<p>DOES THIS MEAN THAT I CAN NOT SWITCH OUT OF SEAS IF ADMITTED, [after being denied from Jerome Fisher]?</p>

<p>wow, you've asked a version of the same exact question about a million times now.</p>

<p>if you are accepted early decision to any program at penn that isn't wharton, matriculate, and then maintain a high gpa during your freshman year, you may apply for internal transfer to wharton.</p>