Early decision: where to apply?

<p>I have 2 colleges I really want to go to: one is Ivy and other one in Boston. Both are great schools with programs that I like. I was thinking of doing an Early Decision for an Ivy school and Early Action for the Boston school. But I have doubts I will get into an Ivy - should I "waste" (pardon me) my Early Decision (I've heard you can only apply to one school ED) or should I apply ED for the Boston school?
Your opinions will help me a lot. Thank you!</p>

<p>Seems like you think Early Decision is the same as Early Action. Assuming that Boston College, Boston University, and Northeastern all have NON-BINDING Early Action options, you can definitely apply. Early DECISION to the Ivy school at the same time as applying Early ACTION to the Boston school–it’s just that if you are accepted to the Ivy school you must matriculate to that school no matter what.</p>

<p>I know that ED is binding. EA isn’t (am I right?). However, in Ivy schools they don’t offer EAction (at least, the one I’m planning to go to). So I was thinking to apply ED to show that I am very interested in that school (my top choice) and raise my chances (since the amount of ED apps is less than Reg.). But I have doubts, like, I think I might not get in even if I do ED…</p>

<p>Well if you think you have a better chance at the Boston school you should ED there if its one of your top two choices. For the ivy you should just apply RD because it is going to be difficult to get in anyway. But it really should come down to which one you like better and if you can afford the financial situations at both if you get no money.</p>

<p>Also, if “Boston” is BC, the early action is exclusive; you may not apply to schools under a binding agreement if you apply there EA. at least this was the case last I checked. </p>

<p>If the school is not BC, (MIT?) I apologize for wasting your time</p>

<p>ED doesn’t increase your chances. There’s a higher admit rate for ED because the applicant pool is “better” than the RD pool. </p>

<p>Don’t do ED to gain some advantage. You shouldn’t have to think of which school to ED to. It should be your favorite. Hands down. No excuses. </p>

<p>You don’t have to ED to any school…</p>

<p>CPUscientist3000, are you on crack? I have a 3.7, 2110, and not many extracurriculars, and I got into Brown early decision. I wouldn’t have stood a chance otherwise. As to this question, apply early decision to a reach school, but only if you know you will be happy there. It will increase your chance, but if you get in that is where you are going</p>

<p>My apologies to cpuscientist, I misread your post.</p>

<p>Excusal granted.</p>

<p>THANK YOU, GUYS! I am still thinking and I’ve got time until October to make up my mind. But it looks like I’ll be doing ED for an Ivy - because I am in love with that school.</p>