Easiest AP?

<p>Hi My school does not offer many AP's so I was wondering, which do you guys and gals think are the easiest to self study? Any advice is appreciated!</p>

<p>Chem might be hard. I haven't taken the class but I hear it from people. There might be some weird conceps. But if chem's ur thing, get a tutor and you'll be alright...</p>

<p>calc...I don't think it would be too bad, just read up</p>

<p>Bio: there's <em>LOTS</em> of info, and labs. but like the others, if you did some heavy reading...and you're a good memorizer.....well the practice bio AP's I've taken went not so good for me...Well actually, if you got a well structured prep book, I know there's really good ones for this class, and they're not hard to read thru....they give you all the lifecycles, time lines, straight facts...</p>

<p>i heard economics and government APs are relatively easy..</p>

<p>also, stats shouldn't be too difficult..</p>

<p>AP levels of difficulty are relative... what are your strongest subjects?</p>

<p>yeah, agreed, stats shouldn't be too difficult.</p>

<p>AP Language and Composition</p>


<p>that stuff is so hard. AP Lang. geez</p>

<p>Calc Is CAKE</p>

<p>just know the stuff, dont even have to study
just know HOW to do it
no serious memorization
study for a week.
take the test.
get a 5.</p>

<p>lol I probably find calc. much harder than you find lang, guess we're good at different things, reaffirming that the easiness of APs depends on your abilities in different subjects</p>

<p>Well I'm good in subjects like math and science and my worser subjects are English and history This isn't to say i don't do well in them it's just that I don't like them. thnx for the advice ppl :-)</p>


<p>Hm, well, Environmental Science and Statistics (learn the stat functions on your calculator!) might be easy.
Biology, if you're good at memorizing/Chem, if you're good at understanding and applying concepts.
Calc BC isn't bad, I don't think (not much memory work), but I like Calc :p</p>

<p>So uh EnSci/Stat < Bio/Chem/Calc in increasing difficulty, in my opinion. Self-studying isn't really hard- just get a good textbook and start prepping early.</p>

<p>depends on what you're good at. i think World History</p>

<p>environmental science, stats</p>

<p>Stats is pathetically easy.</p>

<p>I agree stats is pretty much a breeze. No one has mentioned Micro/Macroeconomics which are both insanely easy.</p>

<p>i'd say none are truely easy (i mean, i'm really a math person, but stat's isn't insanely easy) but because of the AP curve, they all are relatively easy. Get 50% on most any AP test and you'll get like a 3 or above (60% for chem for a 5, i hear)</p>

<p>wow I definitely did not know about the curve well that makes everything seem a little easier doesn't it? lol ;)</p>

<p>I really would advise Statistics AP, just make sure to learn how to use the TI 83!</p>

<p>the economics courses are both quite easy. Psychology-- I wish I hadn't taken the course, it's laughably simple to get a 5 on, if you just sort of look over the review book for a few days. Environmental Science-- I didn't take the course, decided to sign up for the exam 2 months before and started studying 3 weeks before... and got a 5. Psych and APES are your best bet for a quick self-study, as long as you remember that they're only half-year courses, so they won't look as difficult as a Calc or Chem would.</p>

<p>I've managed to slide by in Bio this year without learning a single new thing I think - actually its just that I've forgotten just about everything, I think my memory has a weird way of completing resetting itself right after the test. Should I start cramming now?</p>