Economics and Math?

<p>Does anyone know how NYU stands nationally in economics (CAS) and mathematics?</p>

<p>NYU's undergraduate economics program is ranked #10 in the nation.</p>

<p>I'm just curious... what would be an average starting salary could a math/econ joint major expect?</p>

<p>Mathematics is #8 or 9 overall and Applied Mathematics is #1 (USNews).</p>

<p>definetely good compensation upon graduation. i-bank jobs, actuary...</p>

<p>Just curious, but which econ major is better Stern or CAS?</p>

<p>stern and cas have a joint economics dept. you should be able to do well in either, also depends on what ur 2nd major is. for Stern econ & finance is strong, for CAS econ & philosophy or intl. relations or politics or mathematics etc.</p>

<p>So, if you want to go into econ, is it difficult becuase it is associated with Stern, even if you apply CAS? Also, when do you have to finally declare your major? Does, it show on your diploma that it is in association with Stern? You see I am interested in business, but not insane about it like the people who are in Stern and I want to Major in Econ and Minor in pre-business, good idea?</p>

<p>Yazzz, if you're not crazy about business, but would like to have the option of pursuing business after you graduate, then I would recommend you major in Econ in CAS and do the pre-business minor. I'm doing that personally and I've talked to people who have done it in the past: they've had no problem going into law and investment banking.</p>

<p>Double in math & econ here. Currently interning at a boutique investment bank (though probably not interested in becoming a banker, more of a trader type). I find both the math and econ depts to be pretty awesome, great profs, smart students, and interesting course selection IMO.</p>

<p>I applied to transfer to CAS in the spring as an econ major.<br>
I'm curious how difficult the classes are and how hard it is to actually get into the classes you want/need. My current school is a reasonable place academically, but socially no NYU. I know NYU is a great place socially (I've visited), but I want to make sure that the academics won't make me look stupid and make me regret the move. I'm also fearful I won't be able to get into econ classes like Financial Markets that might be popular.</p>

<p>I've never had a problem getting into an econ. class (obvioulsy I didn't try to take many upper level courses as a frosh last year and I stuck to intro stuff). The only problems I did have was getting the ideal time slot/section for the class I wanted but that's expected when you are an under-classmen.</p>

<p>Thanks ABirch. Have your classes been hard? Do most people get B's with some effort? At my current school, it's tough to get an A or a C; most people are awarded B's. I guess I am asking if there is grade deflation at NYU. I don't want to walk into a totally stressful academic situation.</p>

<p>Some profs do use a curve, but that's usually for Stern classes only. The econ classes are difficult to say, since the joint dept thing means I can't really generalize from my experience at Stern.</p>

<p>I think now you can do a math/econ double major from either Stern or CAS, so I guess it depends on what core class program you want to take - you'll have to take more business classes in Stern, but CAS has an equally annoying MAP program.</p>

<p>Is it easier to get into Stern or CAS for econ? I realize that the difference, if any, in probably small, but still!..</p>

<p>It would be easier to get into CAS.</p>