ECs Worth Noting?

<p>The title says it all.</p>

<p>Weightlifting?- about 4 hours per week/ all but one quarter of school year</p>

<p>Snowboarding?- 100-120 hours per year overall</p>

<p>Drums?- about 4 hours per week/ again all but one quarter of the school year</p>

<p>In my humble opinion no ec's are worth anything unless you are 1. An athlete
2. The head of something important, like a large school newspaper, 3. have started an organization that gets community or wider recognition, 4. Have invented something that has won an award (outside of your school) or 5. Had a local, state or national position. These long laundry lists of baloney that you read on this site bore me silly, and I have NEVER heard of anyone's ec's helping them in any real way (unless you have one that falls into one of the above categories). Grades, test scores, recs, essays are all important, (probably in that order.) Forget about it, just concentrate on your the things that matter, (see previous sentence.)</p>

<p>I do have more than enough sports to list then... plus the newspaper. what about being in a band with a record label?</p>

<p>Nothing to lose by listing anything you've done, but don't expect it to make a huge difference. And if you play a sport, see if you can use this and contact a coach at any school you're interested in. Being an athletic recruit is a big deal. (That's really what I was talking about.....)</p>

<p>That's really cool, you should definitely list that. (the band thing I mean)</p>

<p>P.S. Band with a record label is interesting, maybe you want to highlight this by writing an essay about it.....</p>