ECU application not going through...

<p>I sent in my application back in November for ECU and made a pirate port when they sent me an email to make one, but I didn't get a fee waiver done until last Wednesday. I went back on Pirate Port today and it is still telling me to make an application. I decided to see what it will let me do, and it wont let me make another for fall 2014 since I made one. So that means it went in, but why is it not showing up and telling me to make a new undergraduate application?</p>

<p>So you did not pay an application fee when you submitted your app in November? when is your application deadline?</p>

<p>I submitted my application to ECU in November 2013. I did not make a Pirate Port. I am now trying to sign up for one and it takes me to a removed page link. Help please on how to make a Pirate Port. </p>

<p>Don’t make another one if you already made one and it ‘knows’ that. Call the admissions office.</p>