ED CORNELL- ILR..........chances seems slim to me

<p>well i planned to apply ED Cornell school of ILR,
honestly i dont have high GPAs,like around 3.3 SATs score verbal low.....math didn't do good, but may impove i think
but i do had a lot of AP classes, messed up on AP Exam.....seems like my chances are dead right??????? ><''
i am in varsity volleyball team, Captain of the math team, treasurer for the chinese culture club, founder/ president of the photograpghy club. teacher assistant ( tutoring) of 2 Math B classes.... and some other little stuff</p>

<p>actually i am a new immigrant from Hong Kong 3 years ago,
i am just wondering if i can write a letter or something to explain stuff like i worked throughout my junior year, and my situation of being in the ESL before and get into Honor classes...?</p>

<p>i am not sure about alot of stuff
any advice for me please??</p>

<p>First piece of advice: Calm down. </p>

<p>Second piece of advice: There are lots of very good schools out there that would be happy to accept a kid with a 3.3 GPA. In fact, most schools would, and you would not have to write any kind of letter of explanation to get in</p>

<p>Third piece of advice: You don't have to go to Cornell (or any Ivy League school) to do what you want and become successful. </p>

<p>Fourth piece of advice: If you don't have the stats to get into Cornell, do some research and find other schools where you and your stats fit and that offer the program you want. If you do really well, you very well may be able to go to grad school at Cornell.</p>

<p>Final piece of advice: Forget Cornell (undergrad, that is) and start looking for those other schools now. And don't worry about it. You will find schools that fit.</p>