ED vs EA

<p>I know that for many schools, it's easier to get in Early Decision or Action than Regular Decision, but when I look at Miami's website, it almost sounds as though it's harder to get in Early Decision than Early Action. I emailed the Admissions Office to ask about statistics for both and was told only over all statistics were available. Does anyone have any idea about this? I would rather know sooner than later but don't want to affect my chances. I am a pretty good candidate for admission (3.5 GPA, unusual interests that Miami serves, 29 ACT, great recs, essay, ec) but certainly not a shoe in.</p>

<p>If you apply EA, you'd still know early ... in December.<br>
If you're absolutely certain you love UM (and don't care about financial aid), then apply ED. I doubt there's any discernable advantage in admissions, statistics-wise, in applying ED.<br>
Did you check UM's Common Data Set info to see if that gives you any info?</p>

<p>If you apply EA, you will know by February according to the website. It is an EA plan, but it does not seem that early compared to other schools. When I found that out I changed my EA school to a more selective university (Yale). I still feel I can get into UM regardless of when I apply. My school usually sends about 15 kids or so to UM.</p>