Edit time is now in seconds??? - THIS IS NOW FIXED

Edit times (at the little gear thingy) has always been in minutes (until the final countdown). Now it appear to be in seconds Is this permanent or a glitch? I was fixing a typo and saw "“edit 742” or something like that when I clicked the gear icon. What’s up?

Since mods don’t have a time limit on edits, we can’t see what you are seeing.

@CCadmin_Sorin ??

I see the same thing. Desktop, Edge

I have seen the same thing today over and over.

for this post it that I just wrote
the number inside the gray box says Edit900

now it says Edit794

And a poster’s page says she hasn’t logged in since April 11 but she has been posting as recently as today.

I saw Edit900 yesterday. iPhone 6 running 11.2.

I think all post editing clocks start out at Edit900

well that would be the 15 min edit time

Guys, I checked now from my test regular user account and I see the edit time displaying in min (i.e. 15 min, 14 min). Can you please take a screenshot and send it to admin@collegeconfidential.com? Thanks!

Still showing edit900, screenshot sent.

just sent one too

Thanks, @jym626! I’ll create a ticket for the tech team and get back once we have news.

I have the same thing, and I’m using my ipad.
But now I’m on my desktop and just edited, and it said edit 900. Took a screenshot.

It has been counting down in seconds on every device- no specific to computer or phone. Been happening for about 2-3 days. This one just said “edit896”

Guys, this issue is now fixed. Thanks!

Thank you.

@CCadmin_Sorin I don’t know how to private message someone any more, couldn’t find the orange button on someone’s profile page, anything not working today?


You need 15 posts to be able to PM. Until that time…you can’t.