Emory Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

Emory has requested mid-year grade report for RD applicants it seems. Hope my daughter’s school counselor send it on time, they completely missed the request from another college for 1st quarter grade report and never sent it.

Does anyone know whether Emory is doing interviews (alumni or otherwise) and how important they are in Emory’s consideration of an applicant?

For most not available. A few will be offered. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Emory does have alumni interviews but it is only certain cities and not offered to everyone. You cannot request an interview. Generally if Emory wants to know more about a student then can be gleaned from the application an attempt will be made to find an alumni interviewer. You should not expect to be offered one. If you are, it is not required that you do one. Oh and as an FYI, I am not one of the interviewers this year because I am not allowed in the year one of my children is a graduating senior but most years I am one of the alumni interviewers.

If you do get one - it should be more fun than anything and you should definitely come with your own questions.

Enjoy the process and good luck.


My D had an interview a couple of weeks ago. The interviewer was a med student at a school near our town and they set up a Zoom meeting after he contacted her via email. They really hit it off - It lasted an hour and would have gone longer except she needed to leave for class. It was mostly a conversation, although she said he did ask a few typical questions (Why Emory, etc.).

I don’t know that she was interviewed for any reason other than the fact that the interviewer lives nearby; his email said she would not be disadvantaged if she chose not to meet.

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Correct. Saying no go an interview does not hurt. Not all students are asked and the entire purpose is to learn more about the student than the application. An interviewer doesn’t even see the application. They only know they high school the person attends and some of the students interests plus an email to contact. All of the alumni interviewers get trained and certified each year they are able to interview. As I mentioned above when you have a hold the is a senior in high school you are not allowed to interview so a no year for me. Good luck to your student.

Since you are an alumni interviewer, do you have any insight on whether getting an interview is a good sign? In other words, is it randomly based on having an interviewer in the area or does it mean they’ve seen the student’s application and want additional info on which to base a decision?

I know people have said that interviews are based on alumni in your area, but in this time of Zoom, I’m not sure that’s true. My D22 had an interview a few weeks ago with someone in a different part of the country. For whatever it’s worth, the interviewer was very nice and the interview went well.

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It should not be taken as a sign of any sort. There are many factors. It means that Emory wants to know more about the student and there is an alumni available to do the interview. The interviewer doesn’t have any insight if the student will get into the school either. As an fyi - my son is in his second year at the Oxford campus. He was an ED2 and wanted Oxford. My daughter tried ED1 for the college and was denied admission. She is RD to Oxford because she wanted the bigger campus and he wanted the smaller. She wants engineering so not really a good match for Emory but rather the Emory dual program with GA Tech. Neither were offered interviews. You can see the differing outcomes. My son is a psyche and music major with theatre minor so he is a typical Emory profile. I was a biology and religion major. Again typical Emory student.

Typically the interviewer would be in your city and it would be in person. For the past two years Covid has changed that and it’s all virtual. Because of this an interviewer is able to expand the region and it lets emory reach people out of the area they would normally interview. I did around 12 interviews last year. I am in florida and typically only do people in Miami and in the southern most area of Miami. Last year I spoke with students throughout the state. It just depends.

Thanks for the info! Since you were a bio major, did you go into the medical field? My D is wondering whether premed at Emory tends toward competitive or collaborative (she very much wants a collaborative, team-oriented undergrad experience).

She’s also very interested in the Oxford campus, but I’ve read that students at the main campus tend to look down on those who start at Oxford (since the perception is that it’s a “back door” to Emory). Has that been yours or your son’s experience?

I thought about med school and even did research at emory. I went a different direction in the end. My husband however is a doc and on faculty at U Miami. Emory is in general known for collaborative students and helping each other. Does that
mean that none will try to one up one another nope but the majority of students aren’t like that. As for the back door thing - maybe years ago but there is no difference between those first two years. Many Oxford students got into both programs and choose the smaller school. My son loves it and really wanted that campus. It was right for him. Last year it was really small. A few hundred students on campus at all and he felt really safe with Covid. It’s where he wanted to be. When they get to emory many Oxford students stay together because that is what they are use to. Some students on that started at the Atlanta campus may have the incorrect perception but the faculty does not. Most students will be happy to have more classmates. Oxford students tend to do better and rank higher in the classes too. Why? They start with a leg up having smaller classes from moment one and more opportunities to lead. I did not go to Oxford. My senior year my roommate came from Oxford and was a junior. Emory makes sure to integrate everyone. Some of the people I still connect with started at Oxford. I wouldn’t have even known if they hadn’t told me. I love both campuses and laughed that even with change things are the same. I can walk my son through everything because emory is still emory.


My daughter applied RD to both Oxford and Atlanta campuses – she probably should have applied ED, but she really wanted to see if she got merit money anywhere.

Couple of questions – a professor from Oxford mentored her on her AP Capstone research paper last year, in the field she wants to study. She did really well on it, got a 5, and sent him the final paper. He then offered our family a tour at Oxford this past fall – super nice guy – and he wrote a letter of recommendation that he sent directly to the admissions officer to add to my daughter’s application.

Any idea if this will help at all? My daughter is leaning toward the Oxford campus – she loved the small size and the quiet. But she put both campuses on the application in case it increased her chances. (She’s a high-stats kid, 36 ACT, 4.0 UW, wants the dual linguistics and psychology major specifically at Emory. She also sent in an arts supplement upon request – she’s a soprano 1.)

Another question – she did get her application in on time to be considered for the Scholars programs. I know it’s such a long shot, but on the off chance that she is chosen as a finalist, but interviews and then doesn’t get the big scholarship, will they offer a smaller scholarship instead?

I ask because I’ve read accounts here of students getting the email in February saying they were not chosen for the Scholars program, BUT they’re accepted early and offered $25K per year smaller scholarship. (OMgosh, my kiddo would be over the moon with that!)

I’m just over here fretting because it’s a long time to wait for RD, lol. Any insight would be lovely. :slight_smile:

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Emory looks at everything so having a prof rec from Oxford will be looked at for sure. The two campus have their own admission committees so applying to both or one does not change anything. The only thing that happens if you only apply to one and emory thinks the other is a better fit they can refer you to the other campus - either direction but that would be your choice. You can also apply ED to one and RD to the other like mine daughter did, ED to both or just apply ED or RD to one. There is also time to change your mind and switch to ED2 for either of the two campuses. Having the scholarship decision on there also means that she may hear from the school(s) earlier. For example, when I applied before ED2 existed I applied scholarship decision. I got in with a February decision. As for if you aren’t a Woodruff Scholar or one of the other large scholarships can you still be given a merit scholarship the answer is YES. Not every student will be they do exist. Good luck!

If you are wondering if ED2 makes it more of a chance to get in - Emory fills more than half of both campuses with early decision. Stating that people get in RD and rejected ED.

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Thank you so much! Unfortunately the ED2 deadline was Jan 1, so it’s too late to switch now – but that’s for the best, as my daughter is notoriously indecisive, and she does have several other RD applications out there. Emory would be amazing, though.

Fingers crossed for that February decision!!

You can ask to switch after the deadline if you have already applied. Most schools realize you may change your mind. emory does let you change after the deadline. Usually it’s through the portal. If there is no longer a link there she can write and ask. It is good for the school too.

Ohh! I didn’t realize that – okay, we’ll discuss it tonight! Thank you again.

Does ED2 reduce her chance at getting merit money, though? I mean, if they already have you, they don’t need to offer merit, right? But is that such a long shot that she should switch to ED2 just to increase her chances of getting in?

Of course. Good luck!

One should never apply ED if they are unsure of finances - either affording it - or wanting to see how prices stack up vs. others.

Schools often say ED doesn’t impact merit. I personally think it’s bs for the reasons you bring above.

Many top schools today are filling half or more of their classes via ED. Penn just said their plan is 51%.

I look at the W&L Johnson Scholar - it’s written everywhere most who get are RD. Not all - but most. That sort of tells me what you’re saying is correct…at least it’s my belief regardless of what schools tell you.

Others will say there’s no pressure to apply ED - but the constant barrage of emails from colleges after one applies EA or gets deferred, etc. shows you they’re absolutely pressuring you. WUSTL was over the top - even on our in person info session.

We all have to remember- these are large corporations looking for revenue.

I’d rather miss on a college than mortgage my financial future.

Ones opportunities aren’t that greatly different at Emory vs. other places - no offense to Emory - especially when you’re a liberal art student.

It’s a great school…a wonderful school. I wish my daughter was there - she was WL - did not apply to Oxford. I’m not denigrating Emory at all although she likely would have ended up where she is at College of Charleston based on cost (our OOS scholarship covers tuition + $1K).

My point is - it’s not worth anyone locking themselves up at any school - if it’s going to put them in financial stress, etc. Parents will already have enough emotional stress dealing with their kids homesickness, academic struggles or other things that happen. So the more you can control stress reduction (and finances are big), it’s better to do.

If you ED and get crushed financially, you’ll regret it for many years to come no matter how wonderful the four years turn out to be.

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