Emory Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Yes, Monday email and Wednesday announcement is Emory’s tradition. If it’s next week, that could mean the number of applicants has increased this year.

That’s what I am thinking. Increase in ED1 applicant pool. We know the QuestBridge match was 61 as well.

So instead of getting a digital copy of the acceptance letter, international students get a physical letter? Thx

Historically it was delivered by courier internationally. I cannot confirm if that is true this year. Last member of our family was ED2 and got in before covid. Current one waiting on ED1 and we are US but at the time the last one got in international was delivered by courier.

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Thanks! GL to the one waiting on ED1!

Thank you!

Any ED results out there yet?

No. You will get an email and see on social media an alert telling you when to look. Historically it has always been a Wednesday at 6 and typically the alert comes on the Monday. Unlike prior years emory did not do this before the 12/15 making it pretty definitive the posts will come on Monday and the decision 6pm on Wednesday the 15th. Also suggests they had a larger pool of ED than in prior years and more than they anticipated.

This notification is from Emory admissions via twitter.

Do you think a larger applicant pool will lower the percentage they accept ED? I know last year they accepted around 30% of ED apps.

Hard to know. They will take what works for Emory. In general between ED1 and ED2 Emory accepts more than half of their entire class but it varies. I do know that last years incoming class had more people accept emory at both campuses than emory was expecting to happen. Since the school guarantees housing they had to find alternate options on both campuses. In Atlanta emory owns an hotel I think that may be what they did this year was use it. At Oxford they built a mod village with single rooms bathroom and then a suite mate. My son didn’t like the dorm assignment he was going to have for year two and decided to go through lottery again for the mods and loves it. That extra housing is planned to come down for next year and not be used in Atlanta either so I am not sure if they need to level out the class size for the incoming year. I know when I went they had three consecutive years of increased class sizes. Due to that my year there was a major increase in cost of tuition to try and level the class size. It didn’t work. Before I got there Atlanta was 1000 per year. That hasn’t been true for over thirty years. Not sure if they want to keep close to 1500 in Atlanta though. Good luck.


It’s all forms of social media. I will be in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email. I see it every year posted. It is cross posted from both campuses, admissions and the alum association.

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Thank you!!

Yes my daughter did that.

Can someone log into www.emoryadmitted.com with your account?

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Man, that just spoiled the acceptance for me :joy:(that’s IF I get in)

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Yup. My Daughter did apply in RD

Were u able to login?

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Anyone get any news yet?