Emory vs UCLA vs NYU Stern vs BC Honors

<p>I have gotten into Emory, UCLA, NYU Stern, and the Boston College Honors Program. </p>

<p>I live in California so I get in state tuition for UCLA. Also I got enough Financial Aid from Emory that it will cost similar to UCLA. I am not expecting any Financial Aid from the other two.</p>

<p>So cost wise Emory and UCLA are significantly cheaper than the other two. I am considering either going to law school or business school. Stern and Emory are the two best undergrad business schools on this list, but Stern's would most likely put me into a lot of debt.</p>

<p>Right now I am leaning towards Emory, but my entire family is against it. What would you choose/recommend?</p>

<p>$$$ aside, NYU Stern will offer you best networking/internship opportunities. It's famous for finance, and it's arguably #2 behind Wharton and definitely beats out Emory (you do know Goizueta is a 2-year program, right?)</p>

<p>The only thing going for UCLA is in-state tuition, but California's budget is in such a mess that your undergrad experience will probably not be as good.</p>

<p>Is Emory's aid need-based or merit-based? I know NYU is stingy with aid, but perhaps you can leverage your Emory money to get NYU to offer you some? </p>

<p>Honestly, I'd go with NYU hands down, but obviously money is a factor.</p>

<p>Have you visited all schools? Which one gives you the strongest vibe?</p>

<p>While Businessweek rankings are not perfect, according to them, Emory's undergrad business is better than Stern. I am more inclined to say that academic quality at both is roughly equal. Stern will, however, provide you with better networking. However, Emory is much cheaper. I think it comes down between Emory and NYU. Since money is a factor, I would say Emory.</p>

<p>The money that I got from Emory was need based, which is weird because I got no need based financial aid at any other school I applied to. I will definitely try to leverage the aid with NYU but I am not counting on it working.</p>

<p>I have two main concerns with NYU. The biggest is the current state of wall street. I had heard that it had really hurt Stern's recruiting. The second is the fact that admission does not seem as competitive as Emory (or UCLA for that mater). However, with this said I love the networking at Stern that seems like it will help me get a better job ut of college.</p>

<p>With this said I love that Emory has its own campus (am visiting sometime in April) as well as that there are a bunch of research opportunities. Goizueta is ranked higher than Stern in most rankings, but I dont know how good the networking outside of Goizueta is. Does anybody know anything about oizueta that can help me out?</p>

<p>Also, I want to go to law school after college. If that helps anyone's recommendations....</p>

While Businessweek rankings are not perfect, according to them, Emory's undergrad business is better than Stern.


<p>It's also the ONLY ranking that would ever put Emory over Stern. Frankly, everyone knows Wharton is #1, but BW puts it at #3 behind McIntire and Mendoza - you've got to be kidding me. And Stern at #15? Um, no. No one takes BW rankings seriously.</p>

<p>If you want to work in Northeast and have possibly 10x more networking/internship opps in banking and consulting, Stern kicks Emory's tail. Every time. Ask anyone; they'll tell you the same.</p>

<p>If you want to stay in the South, by all means go to Emory.</p>

<p>alam1, I know you go (or will go) to Emory and want to defend it, but objectively speaking, Emory doesn't hold a candle to Stern. You will have to work a lot harder to network from Emory than from Stern.</p>

The second is the fact that admission does not seem as competitive as Emory (or UCLA for that mater).


<p>Well, you're in-state for UCLA, not OOS.</p>

<p>I would imagine NYU Stern is more difficult to get into over NYU CAS. </p>

<p>Emory may have a decent b-school, but its southern Atlanta location and not as strong rep does not make it as strong as NYU Stern in NYC, the financial capital of the U.S.</p>

<p>Sure, finance industry is hurting, but it will pick up eventually and NYU Stern has a much better reputation than Emory anyways (national and regional prestige). If Stern recruiting is down (I suggest you talk to graduating '10 seniors at Stern), I don't think Emory recruiting is faring any better...</p>

<p>^ umm I already admitted that Stern's networking is better than Goizueta's... but why does EVERYONE know Wharton is # 1? Its clearly excellent... but no school has a monopoly on number 1. You keep saying that Stern's networking is better than Goizueta's... I already know that ... but i pointed out academic quality would be good at both.</p>

<p>thank you, anyone else?</p>

<p>Why didn't you apply to Ross?</p>

<p>Why is your family against Emory?
Given your situation, I think Emory is the better choice. I don't know what you're like, in terms of personality, but I think part of the undergraduate college experience for a freshman is having that "college experience" with people your age. By going to NYU, I think you would sacrifice that. Not only would you be sacrificing that but you'd be paying to sacrifice that. The difference that you would probably have to pay for NYU as an undergrad over Emory, is money you could have saved to pay for that MBA or Law School Degree. You can always go to NYU or wherever for grad school.
I really don't think you'll be at a disadvantage opting for Emory.</p>

<p>In regards to Emory vs UCLA. My vote is for Emory. I personally appreciate private schools and what they have to offer over public state schools. The fact that you'd be paying the same price tag for a private school as you would be for your state school makes it a bargain and a good opportunity to take advantage of that.
However, if you know for a fact that you plan on working or living in the LA area, or So Cal, UCLA's probably going to be the better choice in networking and finding employment through their career resources.</p>

<p>I'd say 1. Emory, 2. UCLA, 3. Stern, 4. BC</p>

The only thing going for UCLA is in-state tuition


You're kidding right?</p>

<p>UCLA sports >>>>>>> Emory sports
UCLA spirit >>>>>>> Emory spirit
L.A. weather >>>>>> Atlanta weather</p>

<p>UCB is defending UCLA? The apoCALypse is near!</p>

but why does EVERYONE know Wharton is # 1?


<p>Because it just is. There is Wharton and everyone else. :D</p>

The only thing going for UCLA is in-state tuition...


<p>And, overall undergrad experience. Anyone who still knows who Matt Leinert is will not be happy with Saturday afternoons at Emory. And, approximately 50% of matriculating Frosh at Emory are premed or pre-biz....think about it.</p>

<p>Both BC and NYU are not known to be generous with need-based aid. But, if you want Wall Street, Stern is the no-brainer. If you want law, then UCLA (or BC) is probably better since you will be able to better maximize A's.</p>

UCB is defending UCLA? The apoCALypse is near!


I'll defend my lil bro...such a cute, lil 'ruin.</p>

<p>thank you .</p>

<p>quick update I got about $15,000 in grants from NYU (including work study) along with a bunch of money. So now I have.</p>

<p>Stern: 25,000 tuition
Emory: 22,500 tuition
UCLA: 10,800 tuition</p>

<p>I have it pretty much narrowed down to Stern and emory. Which would you choose now?</p>

<p>Go with Emory... I'll see you there next year :).... but seriously, Emory will offer a traditional , fun college experience whereas NYU will likely not. Good luck and hope to see you on campus next year!</p>