*Emory vs. William & Mary*

<p>These are my 2 favorite schools at this point....can anyone make some comparisons between them? </p>



<p>Which is harder to get into (i'm out of state for both of them)?</p>

<p>They are two very different schools. Academically, there are similiarities, with some courses within them stronger than others. However, socially, they are worlds apart. Emory is Northern (especially NY & Long Island) in feel in an urban southern setting. W&M is a world unto itself (although it abuts Colonial Williamsburg) and a bit on the preppy side. As an out-of-stater, you have a better chance at Emory which is private; W&M being a Va state school can only take 30% of its incoming class out of Va.</p>

<p>I'd help you out but I really don't know anything at all about Emory... =/</p>

<p>but collegeparent says Emory is urban, which I think would be the biggest contrast. At W&M everything happens on campus or right off campus near by. No real city to speak of.</p>

<p>Emory is a great school with almost no athletic teams except for baseball and that's similar to W&M. Atlanta is a great city and Williamsburg, well is a great place to study. In terms of academics, Emory seems to me as more of a party school and W&M is def. geared towards academics a little more. For the price of both, I'd choose W&M bc is a prestigious school and I believe more people know about it and I'd say you'd have a greater shot getting into Emory, I believe their acceptance rate is about 45% while W&M's is about 33%.</p>

<p>If I were in-state, I would pick W&M because it would be much easier to get into and less expensive to attend.</p>

<p>If I were out-of-state, I would pick Emory because W&M is ridiculously hard to get into relative to the overall quality of the student body and you pay a fortune for what is, at the end of the day, still a public state school.</p>

<p>For example, my daughter got into Swarthmore. I believe she would have gotten into Emory had she not withdrawn her application. I have serious doubts that she would have gotten into W&M out-of-state. I think her admissions odds there would have been lower than both Swarthmore and Emory. It is what I call a "bad admissions value" for out-of-state applicants.</p>

<p>Conversely, if we had lived in Virginia, I'm not sure that it would have made sense to even look beyond W&M and UVa. Terrific admissions and tuition values for in-state.</p>

<p>Emory has one of the largest endowments of any college or university in the country.</p>

<p>I agree with interesteddad, but even if you're instate W&M and UVA are super hard to get into.</p>

<p>i dunno about SUPER hard... but you def need to make the grades and test scores to get into those schools even as in-states.</p>

<p>Hi! I agree with everything said. The main difference may come down to where you feel most comfortable as the environment of the student population is quite different. D # 1 got accepted to W & M last year. We're from Long Island (and Jewish). She was in top 10% and had 1420 on SAT. Her friend also from NY got in too and her SAT's were in the 1300 range. So yes it is hard for O-O-S kids to get in, but they do. On the other hand she applied ED to UVA-got deferred and later rejected. She felt comfortable on W & M campus and would have been fine if she went there. It is expensive for OOS residents, so it could be less expensive to go to Emory as they may offer some merit scholarships. Her friend from LI is at W&M and is enjoying it. D did not apply to Emory though I do understand that quite a few students from the NE go there. There is going to be a big difference in going to school in Atlanta vs. Williamsburg. I think you have to visit the schools to see what feels right to you. You may want to check out College of Charleston (cofc.edu). It may sort of combine the best of both schools-the LAC feel of W&M and being in an urban area. I'm considering CofC for d # 2, but unfortunately, I don't know whether her test scores will be high enough. I see you also posted re: Northerner in South. There is definitely a cultural difference so you need to make sure that you will thrive in that environment. Once you find the right school for you, I'm sure you will. Good luck!</p>

<p>I visited W & M and hated it.</p>

<p>Just my opinion. . . .go emory.</p>

<p>Socially William and Mary is a big dork school. I stayed overnight nobody drinks, everyone plays video games, etc. </p>

<p>go to studentreviews.com some girl nailed it on the head</p>

<p>Emory is the better choice socially, while both are good acadmically</p>

<p>yeah at this point emory is still my #1. thanks everyone that was very helpful! (if anyone has anything else by all means keep the thread going!!)</p>

<p>***another one to add to the comparisons: Wake Forest (another one near the top of my list)</p>

harder/easier to get into than emory and w&m??</p>

<p>i personally think wake is really cool, it really depends on what you are looking for. academically, i think they are all about on the same level so it comes down to personal preference.</p>

<p>You should post some of your interests.</p>

<p>Do you want to rush a sorority?
Are you the type who likes to chill and watch a movie or go dancing at a party?
What do you want to major in?
What size campus do you want?
Preppy student body/ Less Preppy?
Do you follow college basketball, etc...</p>

<p>Do you want to rush a sorority?
yes probably</p>

<p>Are you the type who likes to chill and watch a movie or go dancing at a party?
i'm a really social person so i like going to parties a lot, but im def not opposed to chilling out sometimes too (so i do want a school with a strong social scene)</p>

<p>What do you want to major in?
english or something in that area (possibly journalism/creative writing/etc)</p>

<p>What size campus do you want?
medium, like 5000ish </p>

<p>Preppy student body/ Less Preppy?
not too preppy, but i go to a really preppy school so im used to it</p>

<p>Do you follow college basketball, etc...
not really, i do like school sports and stuff but i know emory for example isnt very strong in that area and i'm okay with that because it makes up for it in other areas</p>

<p>wake has a heavier greek life and is preppier. Emory still has social kids and sororities so i would say look into Emory :)</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks! :)
where do you go/wanna go?</p>

<p>im from Long Island and i go to Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>oh how do you like it there?? (and are you a girl or a boy, because ive heard different reviews of vanderbilt from girls vs boys)</p>

<p>Don't do W&M like that, I party every single day so i really don't know who you stayed with or where at.</p>

<p>what has been your experience wmrocks?</p>

<p>i stayed with a girl from my HS --- they lived in Pods. Don't get me wrong William and Mary is quality but the kids I was with are lame. I guess I shouldnt of generalized for the whole school. But the weekend I was going there wasnt much going on. I also have heard that the administration is trying to lessen the presence of Greek Life .....</p>